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Wind Mitigation in Sarasota Florida

palm_trees_wind_blowingAbout Wind Mitigation

Mitigation is the act of reducing the severity or painfulness of something – in this case, wind mitigation is the effort to reduce damage to your property by taking steps to protect your home against high winds. Wind mitigation focuses on building or retrofitting your home, garage, or business structure in a way that prevents or lessens any damage caused by high winds created by storms, particularly hurricanes. Wind mitigation is important because it saves you money by preventing costly damage to your home and can give you big savings on your insurance.

Homeowners Insurance

The effects of wind on residential homes and commercial buildings from Hurricane Andrew through the storms of the 2005 hurricane season caused $115 billion in damages. Because of the large costs to insurance companies, this prompted the largest property insurers in Florida to request a 45% rate increase to the wind insurance portion of homeowners policies in 2006. Presently, some homeowners in the Sarasota area are paying up to 70% of their homeowners insurance premium for wind damage coverage, because these percentages are dependent upon your location in Florida.

Insurance Discounts in Florida

Insurance companies in Florida are required by law to offer discounts and credits to homeowners whose homes pass certified home inspections. These inspections certify that existing building features and home improvements are in place that will reduce damage and loss due to strong winds. Insurance discounts are strong incentives for homeowners to protect their homes, which benefit the homeowners and the insurance company.

Roof Inspection for Wind Mitigation

There are a number of factors that are looked at during an inspection when a roof is being considered for wind mitigation certification. They are:

  • Roof Covering – Certain roofing materials are more wind resistant than others.
  • Roof Shape – The style of a roof, its geometry, is considered. For instance, a Hip Roof receives up to 40% less wind pressure than a gable roof.
  • Roof Deck Attachment – Even a partial failure of the roof deck can lead to major loss inside the home.
  • Roof to Wall Connections – This connection is crucial to the performance of the building.
  • Secondary Water Barrier – This layer of protection shields your home if the primary roof covering becomes damaged or is blown off.


Important Information for Wind Mitigation Certification

Building code requirements and required documentation from roofing professionals for wind mitigation certification has changed over the years since Florida began requiring insurance companies to offer discounts and credits.

In many cases, photos are required from previous wind mitigation work. But this means that a roofing contractor may not have photographs from work done a number of years ago. What is required reporting now for roof repair and replacement work was not required nor standard practice at the time many roofs were done.

Please know that Mark Kaufman Roofing will do everything we can to help you in the wind mitigation certification process. Unfortunately, there is one thing we can’t do: we cannot go back and create records or photographs that were not required 5 to 10 years ago. But we can help you talk to your insurance company about previous work and provide you with the documentation that we do have.

At Mark Kaufman Roofing, we keep current with requirements and building codes so that we can help you with your wind mitigation certification requirements. Contact Mark Kaufman Roofing when getting ready for your wind mitigation roofing project.

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