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3 Big Reasons Why You Should Choose Tile Roofing

mk_tileroof_blogWhile roof shingles made of asbestos and wood have certainly proved their worth over the last half century of use, they do not offer some of the prime benefits of tile. These last were among the first ever used and have also withstood the test of time. Here are just three reasons to choose them:


Compared to a wood or asbestos shingle, it takes a significantly greater impact to crack, puncture or otherwise damage a tile. Similarly, the wind, rain and sun do not have nearly the harmful effect on tiles as they do on other types. In particular, tiles are immune to anything less than gale force winds, do not fade regardless of the power of the sun and are essentially water-proof. Consider them when a home will be in extreme temperatures or conditions.


Most asbestos and wood shingles are sold with a guarantee and the manufacturers will honor them. Unfortunately, they are usually prorated over their useful life since the effects of the everyday elements will gradually break down the effectiveness of the shingle. Tiles, on the other hand, will almost never fail unless physically destroyed by some catastrophic act of Nature and can last for a century or more if properly maintained.


The really outstanding benefit of a tile roof is in its distinctive beauty. Available in a wide variety of styles, color and patterns, these roof coverings will make any house stand out from its neighbors. Building a hacienda-style home? Then, u-shaped tile roofing will complete the effect. More modern home might opt for flat tile roofing that looks traditional but offers a far more elegant finished effect.


As you can see, tile roofing offers a wealth of possibilities to a homeowner who is replacing their roof. There installation is no more difficult than a traditional roof and they can be easily tied into your existing gutter and drainage system. It is no wonder that they are being used more and more by discerning homeowners in every part of the country.

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