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when is it time to reshingle your roof

When is it Time to Reshingle Your Roof?

when is it time to reshingle your roof

Shingle roofs have a fairly long lifespan but they can get damaged by severe weather. Scheduling a thorough roof inspection with a certified roofer is the first step to finding out what repair work is needed. Here are some of the key indicators to look for if you believe it’s time to either replace a few shingles or get an entire roof overhaul

Cracked Shingles

Water can penetrate the inner layers of your roofing through cracked shingles. Various environmental elements such as high winds and temperature changes can cause shingles to crack. Cracks can also be a result of manufacturing defects or poor installation. Excessive walking on shingles can weaken them to eventually crack.

Curled Shingles

One of the ways water can get deeper into your roofing system is if shingles start to curl on an edge or corner. The cause of curled shingles often is old age. Shingles may also curl due to poor ventilation, causing them to age faster. 

Missing Shingles

If a shingle blows off from strong winds, water can seep into your roofing structure and create multiple problems. Sometimes all you need is to replace a shingle or two, which becomes easy maintenance. But if you notice several missing shingles, there’s a chance of excessive moisture damage in the attic.

Shingles are based on tar covered with rock granules, which can wear off over time, exposing dark spots. If your inspector finds a significant amount of this debris in the gutter system, it could mean the roof is reaching the end of its lifespan.

Mold and Water Leaks

Some leaks are obvious, others are hidden. Look in the attic for any water leaks or any sign of mold, which spreads through moisture. During inspection, the contractor will look for water stains on the sheathing, which indicates potential leaks. If sunlight can be seen from the attic, it means there’s a leak that must be fixed. Any damaged sheathing due to rot must also be repaired right away to keep water from entering your home. 

Getting a roof inspection after you’ve noticed indicators of deterioration will determine if it’s time to install new shingles. For more information about re-shingling your roof, contact the Mark Kaufman roofing team. We have served the Sarasota, Florida community since 1988 and are happy to answer your questions and take the next step to re-shingle your roof.

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