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What You Need to Know About Standing Seam Roofing

What You Need to Know About Standing Seam Roofing

What You Need to Know About Standing Seam Roofing


Standing seam roofing is a metal roof system which gets its name from the fact that it’s comprised of vertical panels which each have two seams, and those panels have the appearance of ‘standing up’. A standing roof system is one of the most maintenance-free and durable types of roofing in existence, routinely providing 50 or more years of service to homeowners.

It is also very flexible in how it can be installed, which makes it an ideal choice for a home with multiple roof levels, and its availability in a wide range of styles can also make it quite appealing in appearance.

Benefits of standing seam roofing

In addition to the longevity and durability referenced above, there are other significant advantages to having a standing seam roofing system installed at your residence.

  • Wind resistance – this kind of roof stands up to strong winds and weather very well, because of its interlocking panels, which provide great strength and overall integrity.
  • Fire resistance – because of its metal composition, it is also highly resistant to any kind of fire, so it will survive all minor fires, and even some major ones.
  • Thermal performance – it reflects much of the sun’s heat back into the atmosphere, keeping a home’s interior cooler, and saving on energy bills.
  • Ease of renovation – when some other pre-existing roof is ready for replacement, a standing seam system can be fitted right over the top of it, using the prior system as an insulating layer.
  • Weather tightness – standing seam roofing has proven to be nearly impervious to rain, snow and other weather conditions, which contributes to its amazing durability and long life.
  • Design possibilities – it can be installed with many different design options, including waveform, tapered, straight and curved, and when coupled with the many color and finish options, the aesthetic appeal of standing seam roofing can be as significant as its performance capabilities.

Get your standing seam system installed

Why not take advantage of the tremendous benefits offered by this fantastic roofing system, and have it installed by the experts at Mark Kaufman Roofing? We are an award-winning company, and the only Platinum Preferred Contractor in southern Sarasota County, as designated by Owens Corning.
All roofing specialists at Mark Kaufman Roofing have been trained, tested and certified by roofing manufacturers, so that you can be sure of having the most skilled professionals install the best roofing products at your home.

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