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What a Homeowner Should Know About Tile Roof Repair

What a Homeowner Should Know About Tile Roof Repair

What a Homeowner Should Know About Tile Roof Repair

Throughout the North Port area, many of our finer homes feature Spanish Tile roofs. Where tile roofs exist, so does the need for tile roof repair. While some tiles are cast concrete, many tiles used to provide those historic, authentic Spanish roofs are ceramic. This means tile roof repair for one tile can often turn into repairs for dozens of tiles, as the eager amateur steps in all the wrong places.

What You Should Know

The first thing to know about tile roof repair is to engage a professional. While expert crews can and do work on tile roofs without breakage, if a stray work boot does shatter a roof tile, the roofing contractor, not you, has to fix it.

Walking on a tile roof is definitely not for any homeowner without professional roofing experience. Most roofs, even gently sloping roofs typical of Florida homes, can be dangerous. When you hire a roofing contractor, you can expect to see safety equipment, highly trained roofers and lifting devices to make the work safe and quick.

Most homeowners do not have the experience or materials to perform tile roof repair with confidence. This is why we say, again, hire a professional.

The Tile Roof Quick Fix

For very minor repairs, such as a small crack or hole, a tile will be scrubbed clean with a wire bristle brush, and a plastic roof cement is slathered into the crack or hole. In this case, “plastic” means it can be formed; it is made from asphalt, which is water resistant. After it has dried thoroughly. It will not match your tile roof in appearance, but can be a fast and inexpensive way will stop water infiltration. Some contractors are able to paint over the dried surface to make it match the rest of your tile.

The Tile Roofing Institute (TRI) points out that a tile roof will outlast the structure it protects, so any effort at tile roof repair needs to be of a quality and thoroughness that it will last 50 or more years. Contact a professional roofer to understand your repair options.

Mark Kaufman Roofing has the expertise and years of experience to work safely on any tile roof in the North Port area. We can inspect your tile roof, recommend the right tile repair, and preserve the beauty and curb appeal of your tile roof. Contact us today!

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