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How to Understand Your Roof Replacement Costs

How to Understand Your Roof Replacement Costs

How to Understand Your Roof Replacement Costs

As a homeowner, you understand a shingle roof replacement is a major home improvement project. The roof is your home’s first line of defense against the elements and an important part of the overall look of the house. Understanding the roof replacement process, materials involved, and what affects the pricing is the first step to making sure the job gets done right.

Extra layer of shingles vs. tear-off

It’s probably obvious a complete tear-off and shingle roof replacement is going to be a bigger job than adding another layer of shingles or a roof repair. These will affect your cost. Some homes may have a second layer of shingles, although we do not recommend this – it defers the cost to the next time you need your roof repaired.

Pitch and size of the roof

The pitch of the roof refers to the steepness or angle of the roof. As the pitch gets steeper, installation is trickier. The installation process may change and different equipment and additional safety precautions are required. Pitch may also affect the type of roof you can get installed. All those things will contribute to the overall cost.

Pitch is expressed by a ratio (4:12 or 4/12). The first number means how many inches the height of the roof increases per foot of length. The second number is always 12 since the measurement is per foot (12 inches). In our example, 4:12, the roof height increases 4 inches for every foot in length. The larger the first number, the steeper the roof. Most residential roofs fall somewhere in the middle.

The overall square footage of the roof is also considered in the pricing. Bigger roofs require more materials and more labor to get the job done. A roofing square measures at 10’ x 10’.

Difficulty of the job

Accessibility to the roof, roof design, and what’s on the roof (such as valleys, skylights, and vents) all affect the difficulty of the job and your cost. Trees close to the house, tight spaces between houses, and roof height can all make it harder to get people and supplies to the roof level safely.    

Roof features like valleys and dormers and openings like exhaust vents and skylights require extra time and care to ensure leaks don’t happen.

Replacing other parts of the roof system

The shingles are just one part of the roofing system. You may need to replace some or all of the following components with your shingle roof replacement.

  • Decking – Plywood goes over the roof trusses and forms the base for the rest of the layers of the roof.
  • Flashing – The metal around chimneys, vents, or skylights, on the drip edge, and in the valleys of the roof. It adds protection against water infiltration where these features meet the roof and where roof sections meet.
  • Underlayment and moisture barrier material – These provide an additional layer of protection against water and is installed between the decking and shingles.
  • Fascia – This board runs along the edge of the roof where it meets the house and holds the gutters.  
  • Soffit – The horizontal surface under the eaves between the bottom of the fascia and the house. Vents here provide air circulation.
  • Ridge vent – These provide ventilation to ensure air circulation

Types of shingles

Choosing shingles will affect the cost of your roof. There is so much to consider when choosing the best shingle for your roof.

  • Traditional three-tab shingles – Flat asphalt shingles made up of three sections. They are an economical choice.
  • Architectural shingles – Laminated shingles that provide a three-dimensional look with shadow and texture. 
  • Colors – Shingles come in a variety of colors to complement the style and exterior colors of your home.

Clean up and haul away

Not every contractor will look at your roofing job the same way. An extremely low estimate might not include disposing of the old roof. Any estimate you get on shingle roof replacement should include clean-up and haul away of the old roofing material taken off. A quality contractor would never leave a homeowner with the responsibility of cleaning up their mess.

Best practices for estimates

Today’s technology allows roofers to quickly get accurate measurements, so there’s really no reason for anyone to provide a quote without them. Likewise, be wary of anyone who provides an estimate without actually inspecting the roof. This almost guarantees you will be paying much more than you planned. Anyone, you get an estimate from should be upfront about exactly what is included and be willing to answer any questions you have.

Getting a shingle roof replacement will help ensure your home is a wonderful place to live for years to come. Contact Mark Kaufman Roofing in North Port, FL today and find out what we can do for you. 

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