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What You Need to Know about Green Roofing

Green roofing is a concept which has long been popular in Europe, and is only now becoming popular for homeowners and business owners in the U.S. It’s a way of helping the environment, either by planting rooftop vegetation over a waterproof covering, or by using green materials that are much more reflective than traditional roofing materials. If a majority of city residents and businesses adopted green roofing as their preferred approach, we could, as your Sarasota roofing company, help significantly reduce the “heat island” effect which characterizes Florida summers.

How green roofing benefits homeowners

There are a surprising number of benefits which can accrue to homeowners who choose to go green with their rooftops. For one thing, a green roof is an extremely good insulator, which means that energy efficiency is at a premium for the homeowner.

Green roofs also soak up water from storms so that roof drainage is not so much of an issue, and torrents of water don’t come pouring through your downspout. In the bigger picture, green rooftops can reduce the heat gain effect in the middle of long, hot summers.

Available green roofing options

The cumulative effect of heat gain can be overwhelming in the middle of the warm season, because the already hot sun beats down on a rooftop and heats the insulation underneath, doubling the effect of heat absorption. By using cooling roof materials or highly reflective materials, much of that heat retention can be deflected.

By installing Owens Corning Cool Shingles on your rooftop, far less heat would be transferred to the interior of your Florida home. Another possibility might be to install a Duro-Last Cool Zone roofing system on your rooftop, so as to enjoy some remarkable benefits. This Cool Zone technology is extremely reflective, reducing heat gain, offering maximum weather resistance, offering fire protection, and reducing energy consumption in the building interior.

Green roofing in Sarasota

Mark Kaufman Roofing in Sarasota provides green roofing options for homeowners. If you’ve been thinking about green roofing that also looks great and provides a great shield against Sarasota weather, contact us so we can discuss all the options available to you.

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