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How Expensive Can You Expect Your Tile Roof To Be?

How Expensive Can You Expect Your Tile Roof To Be?

How Expensive Can You Expect Your Tile Roof To Be?

Many Florida homeowners adore the beauty and longevity of tile roofs but often get worried about the cost. Although the initial cost of installing a tile roof is significantly higher than shingles or metal, tile roofs can last a lifetime, saving you costs of roof replacement in the long run. There are three most common tiled roofs (clay, concrete, and terracotta), and each option comes with different cost elements. Other than the type of tile roof you choose, several factors can change the overall cost of any roof replacement. Always consult a trusted local roofing contractor for a specific cost estimate based on your home and needs.

Factors Affecting the Cost of a Tile Roof Replacement

Some factors driving the cost of a tile roof are the difficulty of the job, the pitch or slope of the roof, and whether or not you have multiple layers of shingles. If your home has two layers of shingles, they would all need to be torn off, resulting in higher labor costs.

Although experienced roofers offer an idea of how much your tile roof will cost and the estimated timeline to complete the job, in the end, several other factors can affect these estimates. Some of them include:

The Materials Used

The materials used for your tile roof can make costs vary drastically. Clay is one of the oldest types of tile roofing materials. When installed correctly, clay tiles can outlast your home. Concrete tiles are a little less costly than clay tiles but will last about 30-50 years. Terracotta is the most expensive tile roof option but is great for desert climates since it’s good at reflecting heat.

The Size

Smaller roofs cost less to replace than bigger roofs. However, if you have an idea about your roof’s square footage, an experienced roofer can give you a more accurate estimate of the replacement cost.

Type or Style

Typically, simple gable roofs are easy to tear off and replace. With just two slopes, your roofer will navigate the roof easily, which reduces labor costs and installation timelines. However, more sophisticated roofing styles with multiple slopes, valleys, and intrusions will cost more to replace. Additionally, cutting roofing materials to fit customized areas can be labor- and time-intensive, which adds to the cost of roof replacement. Plumbing boots, skylights, chimneys, roof vents, and other structures that require sealant, flashing, or caulk will also affect labor costs.

Underlying Damage

Any underlying roof damage will increase the cost of materials and timelines for your project. If more extensive damage is discovered with your roof deck, underlayment, or attic insulation, it can halt progress by several days. Fortunately, getting a thorough assessment beforehand can help avoid these surprises.

Overall, replacing all the underlayment, water shield, drip edge, and flashing around the chimney, walls, valleys will significantly increase the replacement cost. Besides, your roofer will charge for the tear-off and disposal of materials. This should be covered in your estimate. Removing and replacing rotten decking also adds to the cost of replacing a roof.

Ultimately, working with a certified local roofer can help make things run smoothly. A good roofer will be happy to answer your questions and not try to hide any information from you. If you’re considering replacing your current roof with tile roofing, contact Mark Kaufman Roofing in North Port, FL, to ensure the job is done perfectly and cost-effectively.

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