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When is it Time for a Tile Roof Replacement?

When is it Time for a Tile Roof Replacement?

When is it Time for a Tile Roof Replacement?

When is it Time for a Tile Roof Replacement?

If you ranked all of the parts of your home in order of importance, your roof should come very close to the top. Unfortunately,  many home owners never give their roof a second glance – until it springs a leak or begins to deteriorate. If you’ve noticed some problems with your tile roof but aren’t sure whether it’s time to repair or replace, we have some tips for you.

If you’re debating whether to repair or replace your tile roof, consider:

  1. If your roof is sagging or shows signs of excessive structural deterioration, call in a roofing specialist for further analysis. Although tile roofs can last many decades, the decking and underlayment that they rest upon has a much shorter lifespan.
  2. Water damage or dark spots on your walls, ceilings or in your attic may be a sign of misapplied flashing or missing tiles.  Repairs can be completed by replacing
  3. Take a trip into your attic or the crawl space on top of your home. If you can see any light coming in from the outside, you’ve got a pretty big issue on your hands.
  4. If the majority of the tiles on your roof are cracked or damaged in other ways,  roof simply looks worn, or if the tiles are becoming damaged, you may choose to upgrade your roofing.
  5. Tile roofs have a very long projected lifespan. However, individual tiles are subject to cracking and chipping when stepped on or impaled by falling limbs.  Each case is different, but you will typically only have the individual tiles replaced, rather than the entire roof.

Many homeowners do not want to replace their roofs because the renovation can be costly. The good news is, if there has been storm or weather damage to your roof, then your insurance may pick up some or all of the cost of replacement. Check with your policy issuer for more information.

Here at Mark Kaufman Roofing, we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about your tile roof replacement or repair needs. Give us a call or stop in for more information!

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