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What Is The Best Way To Clean A Dirty Metal Roof?

What Is The Best Way To Clean A Dirty Metal Roof?

What Is The Best Way To Clean A Dirty Metal Roof?

Having metal roofing can make your home more energy-efficient and enhance its appearance. While metal roofs don’t require a lot of maintenance compared to other roofing systems, they can become dirty. Having a dirty metal roof can negatively affect your home’s appearance and lower its curb appeal.

Knowing when and how to clean a dirty metal roof can help ensure that yours looks its best at all times. Keep the following tips in mind, so you can maintain a clean roof on your North Port home.

How to Identify a Dirty Metal Roof

Your metal roof needs a good cleaning when it shows signs of dirt buildup. You might have a lot of tree depries, dust and dirt on your roof after a storm. When this debris isn’t cleaned off, it can accumulate on your metal roof, giving it an unkempt appearance.

It’s also time for a cleaning if you see anything growing on your roof, such as mildew, moss, or algae. These tend to grow in shaded areas of your roof and cause unsightly stains to develop.

Keep in mind that you should only check your roof from the ground. You can take a walk around the exterior of your home and look for areas covered in dirt or mud or areas with stains. Never go up on your roof for a closer look, since this can be dangerous. Instead, have a professional roofer check your roof and clean it if needed.

How to Find Professional Help

Ask friends or family for a roofer they recommend, or read online reviews of local roofers to find a reliable contractor with a good reputation. The roofer you hire should have experience working with metal roofs and be able to determine if yours needs a cleaning.

Hiring an experienced roofer in your area means they’ll have knowledge of the way local weather can affect your roof, such as humidity, heat, and storms. They’ll know to check shady areas for mildew, algae, or moss growth due to high humidity levels or look for layers of dirt and other debris from storms.

The roofer you hire should also have the knowledge needed to clean your roof. They’ll remove any larger debris on your roof, such as branches, twigs, and leaves, then wash the surface to get rid of dirt and grime. An experienced roofer won’t use any cleaning products or techniques that might damage your roof. Instead, they’ll safely and effectively clean it, so it shines again.

How to Keep Your Metal Roof Clean

After being washed, your metal roof might look as good as new. However, it’s unlikely to stay that way. You can take steps to make sure your metal roofing doesn’t end up with layers of dirt or covered in algae or moss stains.

Having a professional roofer maintain your roof regularly, including cleaning it, helps it stay in good condition. During these visits, your roofer can remove debris on your roof and clean dirt or stains as needed. You might find it helpful to have this done after storms in addition to have routine maintenance done.

While a metal roof is highly durable, it can become dirty over and over, even with regular cleanings. Ask your roofer about having a coating put on your roof to protect it from the elements and make it harder for dirt and debris to build up on it. This can help you maintain a clean and shiny roof over the years while also extending its life span.

Hire Roofing Experts in North Port

At Mark Kaufman Roofing, we have years of experience installing, cleaning, maintaining, and repairing metal roofing. Our team can inspect your roof on a regular basis, clear off any debris on it, remove stains and dirt, and make any repairs that are needed.  These services are an important part of keeping your roof in good shape and your home safe from leaks and other kinds of damage.

If your metal roof needs a good cleaning, contact Mark Kaufman Roofing. Our roofers in North Port can remove debris and dirt on your roof, check for any damage, and make any repairs that are needed. We’ll help you set up a roof maintenance schedule that works best for your home.

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