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The Anatomy of A Roof Valley And What You Need To Know

The Anatomy of A Roof Valley And What You Need To Know

The Anatomy of A Roof Valley And What You Need To Know

Most people have probably seen a roof valley without really knowing there was actually a term for it, but there’s a pretty good reason for it getting so much attention, since it is one of the most common areas on a roofing system where leaks can occur. A roof valley is that place on a roof where two sections join, and are angled inward, and just by the nature of its physical configuration, it becomes a likely spot for leaks to develop.

Purpose of a Roof Valley

You’re probably wondering why anyone would actually include a roof valley in the roofing system, since they’re so prone to leaks. Roof valleys do serve a useful purpose though, and the truth is that you couldn’t build a roof without at least one of them, unless you install a flat-roof system, with ‘joints’ between different sections. It’s extremely common for roofing systems to have several different levels or configurations from one part of the house to another, and at each of the places where those different sections meet, a valley is created.

Potential for Damage

One of the biggest potential dangers of a roof valley is for leaves and other debris to collect in them, which is very likely, because they angle inward and serve as natural collection points for such material. Once this debris begins to collect, natural drainage is hindered, and water begins to collect at various points and stay there.

Eventually that can create enough pressure on the underlying roof to create a leak. If a roof valley is not regularly maintained and cleared out, there will be nothing to interfere with the natural buildup of branches, leaves, and other materials, and that will likely cause problems at some point.

Preventing Debris Buildup on Roof Valleys

Obviously, it is very much worthwhile for the owner of a home or business to keep a roof valley cleared of all debris, so that water doesn’t dam up on top of the roof, and create a situation where damage can occur. While it is never advisable for a homeowner to scramble up on the roof to do this kind of cleaning, a professional roof specialist is well-trained, and knowledgeable enough to handle this easily.

Call Mark Kaufman of Mark Kaufman Roofing to have your roof valleys inspected and cleaned up, so there is no chance for any damage to your valuable roofing system!


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