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Why a Stone Coated Steel Roof is the Best Choice for Your Home

Why a Stone Coated Steel Roof is the Best Choice for Your Home

Why a Stone Coated Steel Roof is the Best Choice for Your Home

As more and more people flock to the allure of stone coated roofs, understand why this may be the perfect time for you to finally jump on the bandwagon yourself.


Stone coated steel roofing has the distinct and beautiful look that many homeowners are looking for. If you do plan on selling your home, know that installing a stone coated metal roof will raise the resale value significantly. It is a cost efficient way to raise the curb appeal of your home and will push many prospective home buyers in your direction.

This is a great, practical alternative to more expensive roofing options. If you are looking for the classic aesthetic of slate or clay tiles for your roof, consider stone coated metal roofing for your next roof.


Not much maintenance is required to care for a stone coated roof. However, inspections should still be scheduled at least once a year and after big storms just to make sure there are no new defects in the product or that other rare problems have surfaced since installation.


A stone coated steel roof will probably be the last roof you ever buy. These kinds of roofs are truly built to last, and will show that as the years go on. Unlike other common types of roofing, it won’t break, buckle, curl, warp over time or absorb rain water. It has been tested and shown that it can stand up against winds blowing at over 100 mph, and heavy rain storms without suffering any damages.

The “Green” Option

We all know that there are many types of roofing products out there that crowd landfills and pollute our earth. However, this is not the case with stone coated steel options. All of the materials that are used in this roofing style are completely recyclable.

How Safe Is a Stone Coated Steel Roof?

If installed properly, stone coated steel roofs can have a Class A fire rating. When a home product has a high fire rating, this means that it is extremely fire resistant. These kinds of roofs are very easy to insure because they are one of the safest options on the market.

Stone coated steel roofing is becoming more and more popular for very good reasons. Talk to your Sarasota roofing contractor about the pros and cons of stone coated roofs before you decide whether or not this is the perfect roof for you and your home. The Mark Kaufman roofing team is here to help you make the right choice based on your area, home, and budget.

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