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Learn More About This Incredibly Durable Roof Type

Learn More About This Incredibly Durable Roof Type

Learn More About This Incredibly Durable Roof Type


Earlier this year, we pointed out some of the benefits attached to installing stone coated steel roofing on your home.  Today we would like to revisit this beautiful roofing material.

Quality from Gerard

Mark Kaufman Roofing typically uses stone coated steel roofing materials from Gerard Roofing Technologies, a company well known for their products.  Since homeowners who invest in this roof type expect a well-made product that will last, we decided to team up with a manufacturer that could provide consistently high-quality materials.


A Rich History

Stone coated steel roofing has an interesting history that can be traced back to the time of World War II, when it was developed as a means of protecting corrugated steel roofing from harsh climates and air attacks. In the 1950’s, a man from New Zealand procured the right to produce this great material outside of Great Britain.

A Modern Masterpiece

Now a refined product, the Gerard Stone Coated Steel Roofing panels are incredibly popular in today’s market.  They are enduring, dependable, and can hold their own against all weather conditions such as fire, wind, hail, snow, and earthquakes. It is flexible and is offered in a variety of colors to enhance the visual appeal of the structure.

stone coated steel - stonecoatedsteelroofing

Aesthetics & More

The incredible aesthetic appeal is another major factor that draws homeowners to love stone coated steel.  There are many standard color options, with a possibility of custom color mixing for those hard-to-match house colors.

Each stone coated steel tile is designed to last a lifetime if installed by an expert roofer. Product life span directly correlates with the installation quality.  It is always important to fully research and select an experienced contractor to install this product.

To Learn More…

If you would like to learn more about stone coated steel roofing, or are interested in purchasing this roofing option for your home, contact Mark Kaufman Roofing. We service the roofing needs of Sarasota, North Port, and the surrounding area.

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