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shingles with the caption Why Are Roof Shingles Slippery When Wet?

Why Are Roof Shingles Slippery When Wet?

shingles with the caption Why Are Roof Shingles Slippery When Wet?

Glacier and glacis both emerge from a Latin word meaning “ice.” A residential roof is very much a glacis — meaning a slippery, gentle slope — when wet. So the question is not so much, “Are roof shingles slippery when wet?” but rather, “Why are roof shingles slippery enough to land me in the hospital?” 

No Go!

Please take our advice to stay off your North Port-area home’s roof. Residential roofs in the roofing industry are classified as “steep slope” roofs requiring roofers to use fall arrest equipment and safe work protocols.

Homeowners usually have no fall arrest gear and have never been trained in roof safety. Roofs are inherently dangerous, and even more so when wet. So please, do not walk on your North Port-area home’s roof, ever, but especially avoid it when it’s wet!

Not Funny!

Physical humor is only funny when you are not the one falling, fumbling, or flailing. We love to see comedians teeter on a floor full of tiny marbles (thank you, “Animal House”). We would not want to be on our home’s roof if it’s covered in 10,000 marbles, though. 

When a brand new fiberglass-asphalt shingle roof gets wet, it is not slippery. By brand new, we mean the day the roof is expertly installed by a local residential roofer

After the first day, your shingle roof gradually loses volatile chemicals. The asphalt slowly dries out. When rain falls, the tiny granules embedded in the asphalt loosen, just a few at a time. Those granules add water resistance and give your roof its color. In the rain, the granules act like marbles as rainwater carries them down to your gutters. 

Shingle asphalt is hydrophobic — it repels water and stays slick. The water beads rather than soaks in, which is why your roof keeps you dry. That beaded water slides downhill to your gutters. 

Anyone foolish enough to walk on a wet, steep-slope, shingled roof is very likely to slip on loose granules, beading water, and slick asphalt. 

For safe inspection and repair of your home’s roof, contact your nearby residential roofer. And if your appointment happens to fall when the Florida rain falls, expect a delay. Your roofer knows just how dangerous a shingle roof is when wet. 

Mark Kaufman Roofing stands ready to help you with your North Port-area roof. Please contact us today to learn more about roofs, roofing safety, and our many services, including roof cleaning! And please, stay off your roof!

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