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What to Do When Severe Weather Hits Your Roof

What to Do When Severe Weather Hits Your Roof

What to Do When Severe Weather Hits Your Roof

Hurricane-force winds, lashing rain, and airborne debris can leave you dealing with roofing damage that jeopardizes your home’s structure and compromises your family’s comfort and safety. Here is some timely advice on what to do after a severe weather event:

Check the Roof for Damage

After a storm, potential hazards are lurking everywhere, so make safety a priority and don’t attempt to climb up on your roof, since the surface may be slippery or the structure weakened. Instead, carefully walk the perimeter of your home, using binoculars if necessary, and look up to check for signs of damage on the roof, such as:

  • Missing, lifted or broken shingles, wood shakes or roof tiles.
  • Loose or shifted metal panels.
  • Bent, displaced or missing flashing around the roof edge, eaves, valleys, dormers and exhaust vents/pipes or chimney.
  • Damaged soffit or ridge vents.
  • Visible underlayment or bare wood decking.
  • Holes where debris like a heavy tree limb has punctured the roof.

Look for Evidence of Interior Water Damage

Walk through your home and check for water stains and bubbled paint on the ceilings and exterior walls, and go up to the attic to look for any dripping water, fresh wet spots, or visible daylight around the roof sheathing/rafters, or wet attic floor insulation.

Contact Reputable Local Roofers in North Port

In the aftermath of a hurricane, “storm chaser” roofers often arrive from out of state and go door-to-door in affected neighborhoods. Since it’s virtually impossible to verify the history or reliability of these roofers, it’s wiser to contact a trusted local roofing company with established roots in the North Port area. An experienced local roofer can:

  • Thoroughly assess, photograph and document the extent of damage to your roof.
  • Make temporary fixes, if necessary, to limit further water intrusions.
  • Give you a detailed repair estimate.
  • Provide an inspection report and any necessary supporting documentation for insurance claim purposes.

Notify Your Homeowner’s Insurance Company

Contact your insurer as soon as possible, and get details on the process you need to follow for filing a damage claim.

Plan Ahead for Future Events

When you contact your roofer about an inspection or about repairing storm damage, ask if there are specific actions you can take to help strengthen your roof against future hurricane damage.

If severe weather has harmed your roof and you need assistance, contact us at Mark Kaufman Roofing, your dependable, expert roofers in North Port.

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