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A Sarasota Roofer on Hurricane Preparedness

hurricane preparednessHurricanes are a part of life in Florida.  I guess it is the trade off we make for year-round warm weather and breathtaking beaches.  Therefore we need hurricane preparedness.  Yes, stockpile water and batteries, but also make sure your roof is secure.  Your roof covering is a critical part of your house’s first line of defense against keeping hurricane winds and wind driven rain out of your home.

Here are some true and scary facts:

In Hurricane Andrew, a study by the National Association of Home Builders Research Center showed that widespread damage to roofs seriously affected 77% of the homes surveyed.

This damage of the roof covering led to severe water damage both during and after Hurricane Andrew.  Damage surveys conducted following the hurricanes of 2004 and 2005 have also highlighted the frequency of roof cover damage.

Of the homes that had enough damage to file an insurance claim, 95 percent had some level of roof covering damage.

Studies have also highlighted the fact that damage to the roof covering during a hurricane can lead to substantial water damage in subsequent rainstorms.

Both the initial water intrusion and the later leakage can lead to significant mold problems.  Loss of even one piece of roof sheathing will produce a gaping hole where wind can enter and water can pour into your attic.

Most of the loss of roof sheathing that has been observed in past hurricanes has been attributed to installation and design shortcomings.

So now that you are maybe a little freaked out, here are some tips to hurricane preparedness-roof edition:

Check for high nails, loose or missing shingles/tiles.  Go into attic, if you see light shining through there is a gap in your covering.  Of course these should be discovered during a roof inspection, but always try to be observant.

Make sure when fixing, the roof has secondary water barrier.  Mark Kaufman uses Owens Corning Weathermat on all roofs, which is a prime secondary water barrier.

Schedule yearly roof inspections.  Mark Kaufman Roofing offers quality roof inspections that can help you feel safe during storm season.

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