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What You Need To Know About Roof Repair

What You Need To Know About Roof Repair

What You Need To Know About Roof Repair

Florida homeowners face a unique challenge when it comes to roofing requirements: the hurricane season.  For those who wish to maintain a weathertight, secure home, roof repair and maintenance must maintain a priority status on the home improvement checklist. 

Act now – save later

No one wishes to experience unexpected housetop emergencies. However, treating damage immediately can help to prevent minor damages from deteriorating into more expensive repairs. Since a damaged housetop also affects the stability of the entire structure, prompt treatments are of the utmost importance.

Wait until the storm blows over

Adverse weather is normally the cause of substantial Florida roofing problems. Severe and hurricane force winds and driving rain can cause substantial water leaks into your attic and walls.  However, it is important to take weather into consideration before beginning any repair project.  Never commence repair until the storm has blown over and the roof is safe to walk on again.  Mark Kaufman Roofing offers emergency roof repair services to help homeowners in the Sarasota region curb the damage caused by a roof leak.

Always begin with a roof inspection

It is important to have the roof inspected prior to hiring a roofer to work on it. A thorough inspection should include all facets of the roofing system, from soffits to flashing and shingles. Schedule a semi-annual inspection of your housetop. This will help to ensure that small problems are discovered in early stages and handled before they worsen.

DIY or Professional Contractors

Some roof restoration projects are attempted by DIY homeowners. In these cases, we recommend a thorough inspection and adherence to OSHA safety standards.  Always use the proper equipment and safety measures to prevent mishaps.

Likewise, it is important to hire a roofing contractor that also takes safety seriously.  Injury or death can occur during roofing projects that are not carried on with the appropriate tie off and safety equipment.

The proper tools, training, and manufacturer-recommended installation compliance should be utilized to be certain that the roofing project is durable and long-lasting.

Local, Trusted Contractors

Contact the team at Mark Kaufman Roofing for prompt, reliable emergency services.  We will help to keep your home a safe haven throughout the Florida year.


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