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Sky over a tile roof with caption "Is It Safe For You To Walk On Your Tile Roof?"

Is It Safe For You To Walk On Your Tile Roof?

Sky over a tile roof with caption "Is It Safe For You To Walk On Your Tile Roof?"

Can a tile roof be walked on? That is an utterly practical question asked by many a Sarasota homeowner privileged to have a tile roof. The answer has two parts: No, and Yes. 


Tile roofs are amazingly long-lasting, with life spans easily reaching 100 years. Tile roofs are also very fragile since the ceramic, clay, or cement tiles are brittle.

These two conflicting qualities make tile roofs perfect solutions for Sarasota-area homeowners who want to honor their homes’ architectural heritage. Yet tiles’ fragility means no one without training should walk on your beautiful, energy-efficient tile roof.

Tile is usually manufactured in two architectural styles:

  1. Spanish tile with its characteristic half-barrel shape
  2. Flat or pan tiles that present low profiles

Other types of tile roofing are also possible: Mission, interlocking, French; you have many options. This also means you cannot simply go out to your big-box home repair store and buy replacement tiles for your roof. Since you should never walk on your own tile roof, and you cannot DIY tile roof repair, you need to contact a local, dependable tile roofer


The only folks who should walk on your home’s tile roof are experienced roofers with training in tile roofing. That last part — “with training in tile roofing” — is crucial. Tile roof installation and repair are tricky. When a trained tile roofer inspects, maintains, and repairs your tile roof, the job is done correctly, professionally, and thoroughly. 

A tile roof adds curb appeal and home value to any Florida residence. Tile is an excellent alternative to shingles. Yet, a tile roof is also an investment, so protect your investment by only allowing qualified roofers to walk on your tile roof. 

Diagnosing Problems

Well then, if the homeowner should not walk on a tile roof or perform tile roof DIY repair, how can anyone know when to call a pro? Walk around your yard and note any visible cracks, missing tiles, or loose tiles. Inside, check ceilings for signs of leaks. 

If you suspect your tile roof needs help, contact a highly skilled, well-trained, and local roofer and benefit from the expert’s eye (and feet!). Your tiles will thank you!

Please contact us today to prevent damage to your tile roof. Mark Kaufman Roofing has the trained, experienced roofers you need to install, protect, repair, and maintain the delicate yet durable tiles of your Sarasota-area home. 


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