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Why Your Roofer Needs to Know About Your A/C

Why Your Roofer Needs to Know About Your A/C

Why Your Roofer Needs to Know About Your A/C

Interesting things happen at edges. Where grass meets pond, you find ducks. Where Florida wetlands meet mangroves, you find alligators. Where your roof meets your HVAC unit’s roof curb, you find … trouble. Your trusted HVAC contractor is not a roofer, and your dependable roofer is not an HVAC technician. Each depends on the other to get your building’s A/C right.

Existing Cooling Units

Rooftop A/C systems typically sit on metal frameworks called curbs. HVAC contractors usually assemble and install these, but rely on commercial roofers to flash and waterproof the curb where it meets the roof. Once installed, these curbs need continual attention to make certain the flashing, adhesives and waterproofing continue to prevent water from getting up inside the curb and down into the roof.

Roofers may know nothing about fixing an HVAC unit, but they know exactly how to work around HVAC units and maintain the flashing that prevents water infiltration. HVAC technicians know nothing about roofing, and may inadvertently damage the ballast, adhesives, rubber membranes or other roof protections while servicing HVAC roof systems.

Curb Adapters

When an existing A/C unit, complete with rooftop hole, ductwork and all the necessary piping and electrical feeds, is replaced by a bigger or different cooling unit, most HVAC contractors will use curb adapters to fit the new unit to the old curb. These adapters are often the origin of roof leaks, so again, the commercial roofer needs to be part of the process. Curb adapters can work if completely and expertly sealed by a good roofing contractor.

New A/C Units

The best quality roofing contractors North Port businesses use, such as Mark Kaufman Roofing, will always want to be on site when new A/C units are under consideration or being installed. This is because they can help the HVAC contractor preserve the integrity of the existing roof, assist with compensating for slope to level the new curb, and properly flash and seal the newly installed curb. Any new A/C unit literally creates a hole in your roof, and where you have a hole, you have a potential leak.

Among the best roofing contractors North Port businesses can rely upon, Mark Kaufman Roofing stands above the rest; we are ready to serve and to advise. Contact our offices today to learn more about the benefits of involving your roofer during extensive HVAC work, new installations or changes to rooftop curbs.

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