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What To Do If Your Home Has Roof Storm Damage


A professionally installed roof will have a long and dependable lifespan, but, due to unforeseen circumstances such as inclement weather, homeowners can be left in desperate need of roof repair services. Heavy rains and high winds come hand in hand with a tropical storm. This can be especially troublesome for residents of Sarasota where hurricanes and tropical storms are often a common occurrence.

Common Roof Damages

When a major storm hits, a roof could incur damages that may weaken its structural integrity and decrease its overall performance. Common roof storm damage includes:

  • Uplifting – High winds can cause air to become trapped underneath a roof’s shingles which may cause them to uplift and break away from the roof. This can lead to missing, cracked, or torn shingles that lessens a roof’s ability to withstand the elements. A roofing company can replace any missing or damaged shingles which in turn will restore a roof’s appearance and performance.
  • Water Damage – Heavy rains can turn a minor situation into a potentially hazardous issue when it comes to your roof, especially if other damages have already occurred. This can happen when water begins to pool in various areas leading to rust, sagging, structural weakening and other damages.
  • Clogged Gutters – It’s important to regularly maintain your Sarasota home’s gutters throughout the year. But, if a major storm occurs it becomes even more crucial to clean them as soon as possible since debris may cause water blockage. This blockage causes water to become trapped and leads to the deterioration of a roof’s edges. This can also allow water to seep into the interior of a home, causing leaks, and lessening the aesthetic appeal of the home.

What To Do In The Aftermath Of A Storm

After a tropical storm, Sarasota homeowners should swiftly contact a professional roof repair company such as Mark Kaufman Roofing. It’s important to choose a reputable company to ensure that your roof is repaired correctly, as well as to protect your family’s safety. This way, your home can be carefully inspected for roof storm damage that can often be missed by homeowners. Fortunately, by choosing a professional, most roof repairs can be completed quickly and at an affordable cost.

Contact Mark Kaufman Roofing for a dependable, professional inspection of your home following a storm.

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