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How To Know What Your Roof Replacement Will Cost

How To Know What Your Roof Replacement Will Cost

How To Know What Your Roof Replacement Will Cost

While your current roof has protected your home and family for many years – thanks to proper installation and maintenance – it will eventually need to be replaced. For many homeowners, the thought of a roof replacement is daunting for one reason – its cost. A roof replacement is expensive in most cases, but it’s also money well spent if done right. How much will a roof replacement cost? Let’s break it down.

1. Do You Need a Replacement?

First things first – how do you know if you need a roof replacement, or if repairs will suffice? Excessive storm damage and water leaks, and the age of your roof help determine if it’s time for a roof replacement.

2. The Condition of the Entire Roof

Your roof consists of many layers, not just the shingles. There may be another layer of shingles under the top layer, while the underlayment, ventilation, and decking may also need replacing.

The bottom line is the more material you need to replace, the higher the replacement cost.

3. The Roof’s Pitch and Slope

A steeper roof typically costs more to replace than one with a gentler slope. For one, crews working on a steep roof need extra safety equipment; for another, the cost of labor is higher.

Climate and weather are other factors to consider. Will the roof be slippery, or potentially slippery? If so, the cost may go up because of safety concerns.

4. The Condition of the Shingles

As mentioned, your roof may have more than one existing layer of shingles. In some cases, a complete tear-off of all the layers is necessary and more costly. The shingle material you choose also affects the cost; asphalt shingles generally are less expensive than other types.

5. The Size of the Roof

The larger the roof, the more expensive the replacement is a general rule of thumb. Costs vary according to the square footage of your roof. Remember, the square footage of your roof differs from that of your home because of what area the roof covers and because of the roof’s pitch and slope.

Choosing a dependable, competent roofing contractor will ensure you get what you pay for with a roof replacement. It also affects the quality of the replacement and whether excessive repair work is needed in the future.

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