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5 Reasons Why Roof Maintenance Is Important

5 Reasons Why Roof Maintenance Is Important

5 Reasons Why Roof Maintenance Is Important

We get it, your roof is one of those out-of-sight-out-of-mind features of your home. While it’s above you every day, it’s so easy to neglect it because you rarely even think about it. Yet your roof is indispensable as it provides you with defense against weather and other elements.

With its constant exposure, it would only make sense regular roof maintenance is part of your home care program. Ignoring roof maintenance will leave you with holes, leaks, and other problems. These will put your home’s structure at risk, ruin your comfort levels, and cost a considerable amount of money to fix.
It’s important to schedule professional roof maintenance at least twice a year and after a severe weather event.

1. Extended the Life of Your Roof

Every roofing material comes with an expected lifespan. At the very least, your roof is built to last for a couple of decades. However, extreme weather conditions and other factors could cause your roof to break down more quickly and force you to invest in a new one sooner than you should have to.

This is why it’s important to have your roof professionally inspected regularly. By doing so, you’ll be able to catch minor problems before they cause gradual and extensive damage. Proper upkeep will keep your roof in good condition and help you extend your roof’s service life.

2. Save Money Over Time

Preventative roof maintenance is less expensive than major repairs or even full replacement. Proper maintenance helps you save money in two ways. First, it keeps your roof intact so it can withstand beating rain, high winds, and heavy snow. Second, regular maintenance ensures roofing problems are discovered and fixed early, keeping your roof from slowly wearing out and deteriorating.

Simply put, sticking to a rigid roof inspection and maintenance schedule offers you long-term cost savings.

3. Keep Roof Warranty Intact

As a homeowner, it’s your responsibility to ensure your roof is regularly inspected, repaired, and cleaned to keep your roof warranty intact. Many roofing material manufacturers and roofing companies require you have your roof maintained at least once a year or after a major weather event. A good maintenance plan keeps you within your warranty guidelines.

4. Maintain the Value of Your Home

If you’re looking to sell your home down the road, you’ll really want to put some effort into maintaining the roof. Potential homebuyers will want to know about your roof’s condition and they will send out someone to inspect your home. What’s more, your roof is one of those features prospective buyers will be able to tell if you’ve kept it up or left it in disrepair for long. The last thing a home buyer wants to do is to invest in roof repair or replacement post-sale. Keeping your roof in tip-top shape adds value to your home and makes it more appealing to home buyers.

5. Keep Utility Costs in Check

A roof in disrepair cannot provide the type of energy efficiency a quality roof can. If there are leaks in or around your roof, drafts will be entering and exiting your home, causing your HVAC system to work hard to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.

Proper roof maintenance addresses all draft points and keeps your roof in great condition at all times. This can ensure better insulation and lower energy bills.

Tips on Having Roof Maintenance Done

Now that we’ve looked at some key benefits of maintaining your roof, here are a few roof maintenance tips:

Keep Detailed Records

You should have and keep up to date records of your roof’s inspection and maintenance. This involves keeping a record of who goes on the roof, the roof area inspected, reasons for being on the roof, and the time of roof inspection. Any repairs and changes made should also be recorded.

Prepared with a camera for taking pictures, tape measure, notebook, aerial photos, roof plans, and flashlight, your roofing contractor will inspect all areas of your roof. They will take notes and pictures to help you understand the state of your roof. If everything is good, no action will be needed, but if there’s a problem, it should be immediately fixed to prevent further damage.

Know Your Specific Roof Risks

Common problems for flat roofing include holes, punctures, blisters, ponding, or anything pulling away from the roof. Things to watch out for on sloped roofs include curled, missing, or damaged shingles; bent, corroded, or missing metal; color fading; chipped, cracked, or broken tile/slate.

Perform an Interior Roof Inspection

Your roofer will inspect the inside of your home to check for signs of water intrusion or damage. They will check the state of your walls and ceiling for signs of mold, peeling paint, or dark spots.

Other issues can be identified from inside the attic. These include rot and mold, leaks, proper ventilation, and adequate insulation. Your roofer will also check for structural problems like sagging decking or cracks in the rafters and sheathing. If any problems are identified, they should be fixed immediately to ensure your home’s structural integrity is not compromised.

Perform an Exterior Roof Inspection

A roofer will check for obvious signs of damage, moss or fungal growth, and broken or blocked drainage systems. They will also check for corrosion, rust, or rotting in flashings, vents, chimney, decking, fascia, and drip edges. If not caught quickly, leaks caused by wear and tear around skylights vents, and chimneys can cause damage to the underlayment, joists, and decking.

What to Do if Action is Needed

Having your roof inspected is just the first step. Typically, professional roofers will prepare a detailed report which highlights issues and provides a solution to the problem.

If your roofer recommends any repairs after the inspection, you need to prioritize them to ensure your roof is not further damaged. Thereafter, you should stick to a regular maintenance schedule to monitor the progress of your roof and ensure it is in the best possible condition all year long.

While you can perform some of the visual inspections from the inside of your home, you should leave an exterior roof inspection to the professionals. A roofer will know what to look for, how to safely walk on the roof, detect hidden issues, and properly fix any problems.

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