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Roof Leaks & Townhomes: Practical Tips for Residents

Roof Leaks & Townhomes: Practical Tips for Residents

Roof Leaks & Townhomes: Practical Tips for Residents

When you live in a townhome, the roof is often not your own. The portion over your head can be part of a shared, larger roof that protects all the residents. So when a roof leak develops, you may be unsure where to turn for help. Is this a homeowner’s insurance issue? Should you call a roofing contractor yourself? Is it even your roof that is leaking? Here are a few basic answers to your questions. 

Not My Roof?

While you depend on the communal roof portion covering your townhome, in many ways it is not your roof, nor your responsibility. As a townhouse owner, you enjoy the benefits of owning a home but having someone—the HOA—acting almost as a landlord for upkeep.

With a roof leak, it is important to first protect your valuables inside your townhouse. Move furniture and items out of the way, put a receptacle under an active leak, and call your HOA.

Depending on your HOA bylaws, the HOA may be legally responsible for taking action:

  1. The HOA will contact a professional roofer, such as Mark Kaufman Roofing
  2. The roofer will inspect and repair the roof leak
  3. The roofer may need access to your attic, and your neighbors’ attics, to track down the leak
  4. The HOA should repair, or pay for damages to, your townhome interior
  5. For anything the HOA did not cover, contact your insurance company

Whose Roof Leak is It, Anyway?

Notice that a trustworthy roofer may need access to more than one attic. This is because roof leaks are complicated. They can begin on one exterior spot of a roof and travel laterally before entering an attic. This is one reason why contacting your HOA before your insurance company is so important—the HOA does not care whose roof is leaking, since it is responsible for care and upkeep of all communal property.

Sleep Soundly

To ensure a good night’s sleep, have a plan of action before a roof leak sneaks up on you. Inspect your HOA rules to see the “chain of command.” Other tips to getting along in an HOA community:

  • Follow recommended procedures, even during a roofing emergency
  • Enlist your neighbors
  • Avoid court—Try to resolve even a major roof leak or other structural issue with the HOA, using attorneys as a last resort

Should your townhome develop a leaking roof, recommend to your HOA that they contact Mark Kaufman Roofing. The HOA—and you—will be glad they did.

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