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How roof leaks slowly suck your investment away

How Roof Leaks Slowly Suck Your Investment Away

How roof leaks slowly suck your investment away

What you can’t see, can hurt your home, especially when it comes to tiny leaks in your roof that you might not even be aware of. Or maybe you have seen signs that you might have a leak like a minor drip or water mark on your ceiling that you ignored because it didn’t think it was a big deal. But left unattended, that little leak could cost you big time as it slowly sucks the investment you have made in your home away. Here are some key reasons why any leak, no matter how small should be fixed right away.

Damage to Wooden Infrastructure

The first areas of your home that would be exposed to a roof leak are obviously your attic and ceilings. Water that is able to leak through shingle and underlayment layers to the roof deck can reach rafters, wall framing and ceiling joists. Don’t forget this is also where your home’s insulation sits. With the right conditions, you’ll have a mold war on your hands. Prolonged leaks can also cause damage to fascia boards and exterior wooden trim. A chronic roof lead can cause the wood to deteriorate and become weak. This could lead to expensive wood framing repairs.

Ceiling Damage

Water that leaks down to ceilings or wallboards can cause it to become spongy. Ceilings that are water-logged can unexpectedly give way and fall on you, your family, or anything that is directly below it. Wallboard that is water damaged can become warped. Paint or wallpaper can become stained, moldy or begin to peel away.

Mold Infiltration

Even the most minor leak can cause mold to spread throughout your home. Mold not only eats away at your home’s infrastructure and building materials, but it is also a health hazard to you and your family. Remediation to stop the spread of mold and to remove it can be very expensive and time-consuming.

No Signs of Leaks?

Even if you don’t see evidence of leaks, your roof could be leaking without you being aware of it. Having your roof inspected annually or after a bad storm can alert you to damage that you would otherwise be unaware of until water damage and mold have already infiltrated your home’s infrastructure.

You can avoid expensive repairs or an entire roof replacement by taking the time to have your roof repaired at the first sign of a leak. Contact the experts at Mark Kaufman Roofing to schedule your roof inspection. We can help prevent expensive damage to your home and protect your investment.

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