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How Your Roof Leak May Cause Electrical Problems

How Your Roof Leak May Cause Electrical Problems

How Your Roof Leak May Cause Electrical Problems

Water and electricity don’t mix. This old adage is as true today as the day it was first said. You don’t want water getting into your home’s electrical system. That’s why electrical plugs are not installed within a certain distance of sinks, tubs, and showers, But, can a leaky roof cause electrical problems?

The answer is yes.  

Where Electricity and Water Might Meet

Leaks can occur in many locations on a typical roof. They can happen in the field of shingles, in the valleys, around chimneys, around pipe vents, and along the edges of flashing.

When a leak occurs above or near an electrical fixture, outlet, or junction box, the potential for an electrical hazard goes up. A steady drip of water can flood an attic floor, seeping down into light fixtures below. It can drip down into walls and get into outlets. It can infiltrate junction boxes, exposing water to live wires. In extreme cases, it can get into the electrical panel, corroding wires and causing very dangerous conditions.

What Are the Signs You Have a Problem

Here are a few signs you might have an electrical problem caused by a leaky roof.

  • If you see water dripping from any light fixture or electrical outlet
  • If the lights start flickering for no apparent reason right after a rainstorm
  • If you get an expected shock from an outlet
  • If one or more circuits keep tripping

What Do You Do?

If you suspect your leaky roof is causing electric problems, you must take action immediately. Don’t wait because the longer you delay, the longer the danger exists.

Why take immediate action? When electricity and water meet, it can cause sparks which can, in turn, cause a fire. The water also gets electrified when they meet, creating an open circuit. An open circuit can cause dangerous shocks if a person touches an outlet or wire.

If you need a roofer to come out to check for leaks and make repairs, call Mark Kaufman Roofing today.

How To Suss Out Your Roof Leak

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