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Steps That Make Roof Damage Claims Easy

Steps That Make Roof Damage Claims Easy


Steps That Make Roof Damage Claims Easy

Dealing with the after-effects of storm damage and the insurance claims process is a stressful experience that many Florida homeowners are enduring right now. If your home didn’t require any roofing repairs after our recent storms, that may not be the case next time, so don’t waste this opportunity to make filing a future damage claim easier and less stressful by taking these steps:

Learn About Your Insurer’s Specific Procedures

Contact your insurer to learn about their claim process and any specific procedures you’ll need to follow if your roof gets damaged. It’s also wise to read through the “duties after loss” section of your insurance policy so you can comply fully and avoid the risk of having your claim denied. This is the policy section where you’ll find details about your obligations immediately after a storm, such as getting emergency assistance with tarping a damaged section of your roof to limit further harm.

Connect With a Trusted Local Roofing Contractor

A reputable North Port roofing contractor understands the importance of restoring your roof quickly after it’s damaged in a storm, and has invaluable experience that can help you navigate the claim process and ensure that you get high-quality repairs or a long-lasting replacement. It’s wise to choose your roofer while the weather is calm though, so you can have your roof inspected, take care of any necessary repairs, and get expert advice on maintenance or preservation measures to help your home withstand severe weather.

Document Your Roof’s Condition

Having ample documentation that your roof was well maintained before a damaging storm occurs can make the claims process go smoother. Simply start a file and include inspection reports, photos of your roof showing its overall condition, receipts for its installation and any repairs you’ve had done, as well as workmanship and material warranty paperwork. If your roofer has to make emergency or temporary repairs after a storm, make sure you get written documentation of what was done to prevent additional damage.

Put Insurance Details in Your Emergency Kit

You’ll likely put copies of important papers in a waterproof emergency kit that’s stored in an easy-to-access location. Be sure to include a copy of your homeowner’s policy, as well as the contact details for your insurance company.

To schedule an inspection to determine if your North Port-area home needs roofing repairs after a storm, contact us at Mark Kaufman Roofing.

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