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Maintenance Plans Save Money!

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Amk_roofcoating_blogs a homeowner, you have two options when it comes to taking care of your roof. First, you can do minimal preventative maintenance and worry about the roof only when a major problem occurs, or you can do regular roof cleaning and maintenance tasks that can stave off the need for major repairs. The roof of your Sarasota home is much cheaper to maintain than it is to replace, so a maintenance plan is the better choice.

A maintenance plan covers more than just roof cleaning; it also includes the most common issues Sarasota homeowners face. Our preventative maintenance plan can include:

  • Roof Cleaning: All of the trees that make Sarasota so beautiful are one of the leading causes of roof damage. Our roof cleaning service removes all of the accumulated debris on your roof so it doesn’t have the chance to break down the roofing materials or cause the underlying decking to become exposed.


  • Inspection: While cleaning the roof, our technicians also spend time going over the surface of the roof looking for trouble spots or damage. We look for loose tiles or punctures that cause deck rot, and also check for roofing materials that have been damaged by the unrelenting Sarasota sun. Taking care of these small problems as they arise means you don’t have to worry about a premature roof replacement.


  • Tile Replacement: Should we find an issue, we are prepared to take care of it right away. Fixing one or two tiles is much cheaper than pulling up an entire section of the roof, and our staff will walk you through any needed repairs before we begin the work.


  • Roof Coating: Your roof’s biggest enemy is not the weather, it’s the sun. High temperatures and UV rays bake roofing materials and cause them to age prematurely, but our Karnak roof coatings add the protection that you need. The roof coating reflects the UV rays, thereby reducing fading of the tiles and lowering the temperature of the roof. Lower roof temperatures mean lower cooling bills for the home, which will save you a ton over the course of a year.


Since 1988 Mark Kaufman Roofing has been servicing Sarasota homes. Our decades of experience, provide every customer with a job well done, and our desire to form lasting relationships with our customers make us the logical choice for your roof cleaning and maintenance plan needs.

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