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three reasons to repair small roof leads before rainy season

3 Reasons to Repair Small Roof Leaks Before Rainy Season

three reasons to repair small roof leads before rainy season

North Port, Florida is known for its beauty—and its crazy weather. Sure, the weather is nice and warm during much of the year, but when the rainy season settles in, there are often high winds, heavy rains, and flying debris to contend with. If you notice even a small leak in your roof, it’s best to repair that leak before the heavy rains hit. Here are three reasons why that’s the case.

Reason 1: Small Leaks Become Major Issues

If you have a small leak in the corner of your roof, you may think it’s not a big deal now…but what about after a heavy rain? A small leak is telling you there’s a problem with your roof. You can’t ignore roofing problems or they simply grow. What was a minor issue could become something as large as the need for a full roof replacement! The best thing you can do for your home is fix that small issue in order to protect your home throughout the upcoming rain storms.

Reason 2: Leaks Always Lead to Water Damage

The small leak might not be bothering important parts of your home at the moment, but what about the attic? That dripping leak is wetting insulation and if you leave that alone in the hot, musty attic, what do you have? Mold growth! No one wants mold in their homes—it can be downright dangerous. Not to mention a disaster to get rid of. Get the small leak fixed so you don’t have to worry about potentially dangerous issues in your home that you can’t even see.

Reason 3: Bolster the Home’s Security

If you’ve ever been through large wind storms before, you know you want to be in a structure that is as sound as possible. A small leak may not seem like much, but it’s a chink in your home’s armor. It can be just enough for the wind to take hold of your roof and do some real damage—and not only to the roof, but the entire home. It can also start a slippery slope of unprotected shingles that can have wind forced underneath them. When you fix small leaks, you are investing in the security of your home before the rainy season.

If you’ve noticed an issue with your home’s roofing, contact Mark Kaufman Roofing for an assessment. Even if you simply want to have an inspection to make sure everything is ready for the rainy season, we’re here for you. Give us a call and we’ll come out and see what your home needs.

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