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Rebates & Incentives for Green Roofing

Rebates & Incentives for Green Roofing

Rebates & Incentives for Green Roofing

Rebates & Incentives Available to Florida Residents

There is something about going green nowadays. Look around you; everyone is changing to adopt green energy, green roofing and everything else green. Homeowners and commercial buildings are all changing. Protecting the environment and reversing effects of global warming are the main reason for this change.  Fortunately, there are also incentives and rebates available to Sarasota residents for adopting environmentally friendly and energy efficient technologies.

Energy Efficient Asphalt or Metal Roof

If you installed an energy efficient metal or asphalt roof, you may be eligible for a tax credit.  This tax credit can be claimed via the IRS Form 5695.  Stipulations and clarifications are available on the form itself, although it is worth noting that this incentive is not available to all roofing materials, nor are roof installation costs covered by this incentive.

Renewable Energy

The Energy Star website offers more information on the various certified energy-efficient products that can be used for homes or businesses. Federal tax credits are available for certain renewable energy sources, such as geothermal heat pumps, fuel cells, residential small wind turbines, and solar energy systems.  All these are specialized products, and should be checked against the standards (updated yearly) on the IRS or Energy Star websites before assuming that they are eligible for rebates or tax credits.

Note: When claiming tax credits, pay special attention to the effective dates.  Many tax credit opportunities expire, or seem to have expired but have been renewed by a government act.  Example: The Residential Energy Efficiency Tax Credit, which only pertains to appliances installed in a certain year.

Florida Rebates

The state of Florida offers many rebates and incentives for residents. Check sources, such as the DSIRE™ (Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency), for more information on what is available to you this year.

Mark Kaufman Roofing

Sarasota residents can enjoy great incentives in re-roofing and roof repairs. If you are planning to change your roof to use green roofing, don’t miss the coupons we offer: $500 off an entire house re-roof and $50 off of any roof repair over $500. The incentives we  offer apply to all types of roofs in both residential and commercial buildings.

Contact our team at Mark Kaufman to learn more about how cool, green roofs may benefit your home or business.

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