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Reasons to Repair Your Shingle Roofing

Reasons to Repair Your Shingle Roofing

Most people tend to not think about the roof on their home….until it stops working as it should. Unfortunately, when repairs or maintenance are needed, homeowners put the task off in an effort to save money, time, etc. What they fail to understand is that neglecting to repair your shingle roofing promptly can be very costly both in the short and long term.

Check out the reasons below as to why your roof’s repair should be the first item on your list….

Reasons to Repair Your Shingle Roofing


Q: How quickly should I take steps to have my shingle roofing repaired? 

A: We highly recommend that you have a professional inspect and assess your roof’s condition as soon as you notice a problem.  Potential short term consequences of not repairing your roof can include:

Leaks – The #1 fear of most homeowners is that their shingle roofing will leak. If this does occur, repairs should be made promptly, before the interior structure is compromised. The entire roof should inspected by a professional to ensure that it does not reoccur.

Mold – Poorly maintained roofs are prone to mold. This often results from clogged gutters, bends and dents on the roof. Regular roof inspections to uncover and repair damages as well as cleaning of gutters are a few ways of avoiding mold, since it can be very expensive to control

Increased energy bills – A deteriorating roof will contribute significantly to energy bills. These holes allow hot air out in the winter and act as escape routes for cold air in the summer. A well-built roof is designed to provide some regulation to the hot sun pounding on homes in the Sarasota area.

Long term effects

Infestation by pests – Over time, insects and other pests are able to find even the tiniest holes into your home. There have also been many cases where rodents have entered homes though the roof!

Severe water damage – Leaks in the initial stages might only be a nuisance and nothing more. However, the water can completely damage insulation causing growth of mold, or a discolored and sagging ceiling.

Decreased property value – Strains on the walls and floors, and sagging roofs will decrease the value of your home. Potential buyers will be hesitant to invest, as will lending companies. Buyers know how costly in can be to maintain a house whose roof is almost crumbling Insurance companies are also very cagey about homes with poorly maintained roofs.

Contact a shingle roofing contractor

Fortunately, any roofing damage can be repaired.  To avoid losses and increased repair costs, the best time to repair or replace is as soon as the problem is uncovered.

For shingle roofing solutions in the Sarasota area, contact our experienced professionals at Mark Kaufman Roofing.

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