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Ready Your Home for Hurricane Season

Ready Your Home for Hurricane Season

Ready Your Home for Hurricane Season

With another hurricane season fast approaching, now is the time to safeguard your home and its contents before a storm is forecast. There are a number of steps you can take now to minimize potential damage from high winds, torrential rains and flying debris so you avoid costly structural or roof repairs to your Sarasota home.

Inspect the Roof System

Roof damage is the second most common cause of hurricane-related homeowner insurance claims in Florida. To gain peace of mind that yours is storm-ready, call us to schedule a roof assessment to pinpoint necessary repairs or needed updates. We can check that the decking is well-secured and in good shape and depending on the type of roofing on your home:

  • Advise you whether your shingles are hurricane-rated.
  • Identify damaged or missing shingles or roof tiles.
  • Check for damaged and/or poorly-anchored metal roof panels.

Assess the Attic

Have structural components in the attic checked and any needed upgrades taken care of such as:

  • Installing properly-secured hurricane straps to strengthen the roof-to-wall connections.
  • Bracing gable ends that are more than 48 inches high.
  • Securing the gable-end and/or eave vents, ventilation turbines and fixing potential leak sources.


Shield Doors and Windows

Doors and windows are particularly vulnerable to pressure changes, high winds and airborne debris during a storm. To protect them:

  • Invest in covers for all windows, patio doors and skylights if you have them. You can cut plywood to size for each window yourself, or opt to have hurricane-rated shutters professionally installed.
  • If you have an older garage door that’s not certified for wind loads, have hurricane-rated brackets and braces installed.
  • Secure older hinged entry doors on the interior side by adding six-inch surface bolts at the bottom and top and have wind- and impact-rated exterior shutters installed. Alternately, upgrade to new outward-swinging exterior doors rated to withstand 160 mph winds.

Secure the Exterior

Locate and seal holes and gaps in the siding, the soffits, where different building components meet, and around window and door frames. Make sure your A/C compressor is properly anchored to a hurricane-rated pad, trim low-hanging tree branches, inspect and clean the gutters and plan a safe storage location for outdoor equipment, patio furniture and personal items so they don’t become airborne projectiles in high winds.

To schedule a roof assessment or expert roof repair in Sarasota and the surrounding areas, contact us at Mark Kaufman Roofing today.

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