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Property Manager's Guide to Roof Replacement

Property Manager’s Guide to Roof Replacement

Property Manager's Guide to Roof Replacement

As a property manager for a Homeowners Association (HOA) you may have to face roof replacement only once during your time in service to a particular association. Roof replacement will be sweeping, big-ticket, and long-lasting, so your reputation and the happiness of many homeowners are on the line with your selection of roofer. 

Find the Best

Interview at least three roofing contractors experienced with HOA roof replacement. Ask them for addresses of jobs your board of directors can visit. Make sure the roofer knows how to work with HOAs:

  • Knowledge of reserves, including voluntary collection of funds for roofing and other maintenance
  • How boards typically decide on capital expenses
  • Knowledge of Florida statutes regarding HOAs, including Title XL, Chapter 720, Part I, Section 720.303(6)
  • Familiarity with HOA board decision-making

In Writing

Expect each professional roofer bidding on roof replacement to demonstrate their financial stability and seriousness with documentation:

Work with Your Board

A typical HOA Board of Directors is composed of helpful amateurs devoting part of their time to keeping their HOA in compliance and keeping their neighbors content. They know little about HOA roof replacement, and turn to you to provide accurate information:

  • Realistic timelines
  • What to expect given the scale of the project
  • Realistic budgets
  • The HOA roof replacement process in clearly defined steps

Manage the Project

As a property manager, you have to work with your roofing contractor and answer to the Board of Directors, so overseeing a full HOA roof replacement will keep you very busy. Turn over to the roofing contractor as much of the day-to-day roofing details as possible, and expect daily reports that you can provide the Board.

Be sure to keep communication open with homeowners before, during and after the project. No job as big as HOA roof replacement will happen flawlessly; expect to make callbacks but try to cluster them so the roofer is not returning on ten separate days for a lot of little issues.

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