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Why Tile Roof Repairs Require Professional Roofers

Why Tile Roof Repairs Require Professional Roofers

Why Tile Roof Repairs Require Professional Roofers

Driving around North Port, we can see such a great variety of home styles, we feel glad to be living and working in this area of Florida. One roofing style that stands out, and feels so at home in the North Port area, is tile roofing. With a Spanish Tile or pan tile roof, homes radiate an earthy, cozy charm. Of course, with a tile roof comes the need for tile roof repair. When you find yourself faced with tile roof repair, please do not consider it a do-it-yourself job. Call in professional roofers, for several good reasons.

Parts of a Tile Roof

The tile used for roofs in Florida is either concrete (very common) or ceramic (terra cotta or even glazed, hardened porcelain). Both are incredibly strong, resistant to wind uplift, and durable. These tiles are laid out on top of two layers: sheathing (the sheets of plywood or oriented strand board that support the tiles) and underlayment (the paper or — better — self-adhesive water barrier). The tiles themselves are attached in one of five ways:

  • Nails
  • Wire tie and strapping
  • Clips
  • Lug-hung tile
  • Bedding tile

The National Roofing Contractors Association stresses that almost all tile roof systems come with warranties. These valuable warranties protect you, the homeowner, but only if their conditions (such as professional tile roof repair and maintenance) are met.

One Spot?

Tile roofs can last hundreds of years. They are durable, water resistant, and stable against all manner of weather. Tile, whether flat or barrel-shaped, is not resilient. It does not compress and bounce back the way a fiberglass-asphalt shingle will. Tile is strong but not malleable (it does not flex). A work boot put down with too much force or in the wrong spot can crack a tile that otherwise could last for decades.

The North Port homeowner who feels she or he is only working on one tiny spot on the roof may actually walk across many tiles, risking cracks and damage along the way. That one spot — a leak into the attic, let’s say — suddenly becomes a widening field of broken tiles and further leaks.

Professional roofers have training in moving and working on a tile roof so they do not damage areas as they work. Average homeowners risk more damage, and voiding of the roof warranty, by tackling tile roof repair on their own homes. To learn more about professional tile roof repair, contact us at Mark Kaufman Roofing today.


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