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Red tile roof with caption "Is It Possible To Repair Your Tile Roof?"

Is It Possible To Repair Your Tile Roof?

Red tile roof with caption "Is It Possible To Repair Your Tile Roof?"

Tile is an extremely durable roofing material that lasts more than 50 years before requiring replacement. But to get the longest lifespan possible, your tile roof needs regular maintenance. When small leaks on tile roofs are left unfixed for long, they can cause more severe damage to your roofing system, ceiling, and valuables inside your home. Always have your roof inspected periodically and repairs made for minor issues before they escalate into costly problems.

How Hot Weather Affects Tile Roofs

Florida has some scorching weather, which can pose trouble to your tile roof over time. Extreme temperatures can make your tile roof expand and contract rapidly, causing the underlying tar paper to dry out and become brittle and cracked. Tar paper is a vital component of the roof because it acts as a barrier to prevent rainwater from leaking into your house. Whenever your tile roof springs in leaks, the culprit is likely damaged tar paper.

Common Repairs Made On Tile Roofs

Due to prolonged exposure to the sun, your tile roof will need repairs at some point. The most common problem with tile roofing and other masonry roofing systems is cracking. Occasionally, a few tiles can crack or break. Fortunately, an experienced roofer can help fix the issue quickly and restore your roof to a functional state. 

Your roofing contractor will pry out and remove the damaged tile and slip in a new replacement beneath the course above it. Small cracks and holes can also be repaired by filling them with plastic roofing cement. First, your roofer will scrub the tile with a wire brush and then fill the cracks with plastic roofing cement to join or seal the crack.

However, if a tile roof is leaking, your roofer will have to remove the tiles over the leak, repair the underlying membrane beneath the tiles, and finally replace the tiles.

Effects of Humidity and Rain on Tile Roofs

Moisture accumulation in the attic space can trigger mold and mildew growth, weakening various roofing components such as rafters, joists, and decking or plywood decking. If you notice any rainwater or moisture permeating your tile roof, it must be fixed immediately since it poses both safety and health risks.

Regular Maintenance Prolongs the Life Of Tile Roofs

Tile roofs are highly durable. However, the flashing and underlayment may deteriorate ahead of time and require replacement. Prompt repair is an excellent way to head off any repairs and prevent future ones. By keeping your tile roof in good condition through regular maintenance, you can protect it against heat and humidity and extend its lifespan. 

An experienced roofing contractor will ensure your roof is properly maintained and minor issues addressed to equip your roof for local climate and other elements. At Mark Kaufman Roofing, we understand that a leaking roof is an emergency. We always move with speed to address any issues discovered during our inspection. Contact us today to schedule a free inspection for your North Port, FL, home.

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