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Most Popular Metal Roofing Systems

metal roofing systemsMark Kaufman Roofing installs several different metal roofing systems, each one unique and different in their own way.  Metal roofing systems in general have some great advantages over other roofing systems.


1. They are extremely durable.  Metal roofs are fire resistant and don’t dent easily.

2. They have a high wind rating.  In Florida this is extremely important since we are prone to hurricanes and tornadoes.

3. They are very low maintenance.  Most metal roofs don’t need to be replaced, it will last a lifetime.

4. They have good insurance rates.  For all the previous reasons, insurance companies give better rates for metal roofs.

5. Energy efficient.  Because of the reflective surface, metal roofs cut down heating and cooling costs which saves you money and energy!

Most Popular Metal Roofing Systems:

1. Standing Seam

Pros:  Hidden Fasteners, 150 MPH wind rating and 25 year warranty.

2. 5-V Crimp

Pros:  Easy to repair (if needed), 140 MPH wind rating and 25 year warranty.

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