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red and blue paint bucket graphic with the caption Painting Roof Shingles: Why Would You Want To?

Painting Roof Shingles: Why Would You Want To?

red and blue paint bucket graphic with the caption Painting Roof Shingles: Why Would You Want To?

Is your new carpet buff or beige? Some folks might dismiss it as biscuit, but a few Floridians have the discerning eye to see the subtle difference between camel and café au lait. Perhaps your roof shingles are no longer the shade or tone you want, and now you wonder: are roof shingles paintable?


Roof shingles are not paintable, at least not by you, the homeowner. No roof, not even a low-profile bungalow’s roof, is safe to walk on without proper training and equipment. If you are going to have your shingles painted, you are not going to do it. 

Neither is your roofer.

Roofers repair, inspect, maintain, and install shingle roofs. They do not paint them. You will need to hire a professional painting service to paint your home’s shingles. The painting contractor will expect you to spend money on a special paint: a multi-surface, algae-inhibiting, mildew-resistant acrylic latex exterior paint. Whew!


If your roof is structurally sound and the shingles are relatively new, you can have them painted. Why would you want to? We can think of five reasons:

  1. You moved into a new-to-you home with a good roof but shingled in an unappealing or outdated color.
  2. You may be in a home bound by HOA or historical home restrictions and cannot replace the shingles with, for example, metal roofing or a “green” roof.
  3. You want a value-boosting shingle color for improved curb appeal at resale.
  4. Your shingles are so dark the Florida sun is roasting your attic and home, driving up energy bills.
  5. Sun fading has turned your bold red roof into a pink nightmare.

Painting a shingle roof is possible when done with the right paint by an experienced painting contractor. Painting a shingle roof is a less costly alternative to reroofing. It is an energy-saving option if you plan to stay in your house for only a few years. 

But … 

Painting a shingle roof comes with a few cautions:

  • The paint should only be professionally applied after your neighborhood roofer has thoroughly inspected and repaired the roof.
  • Paint is not a substitute for water sealing or leak repair.
  • Paint may trap moisture or increase moisture problems, encouraging mold and mildew.
  • Painted shingles require increased roof maintenance, including repainting for 3-5 years.

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