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Key Areas Repair

Key Areas Your Metal Roof Might Need Repair On

Key Areas Repair

While metal roofs aren’t quite as popular as other types of roofs, they are gaining in popularity. When you look at some of the advantages that metal roofs have, it’s not difficult to understand why. Metal roofs are extremely durable and are known to last twice as long as other types of roofs. They also provide excellent reflectivity, which helps keep cooling costs down. However, just like every other type of roof, they do require metal roof repair and maintenance once in a while.

Metal Roof Repair

The following are some of the more common metal roof repairs that there’s a chance you might need at some point during the roof’s long lifespan:


  • Fixing small leaks – A poorly installed metal roof can result in gaps, which can cause water to leak into the roof. Leaks can result in water damage to the deck beneath the roof as well as to the home itself. If you notice any leaks inside of your home, you’ll want to have them repaired before they grow worse.


  • Repairing tears and punctures – While metal roofs are quite durable, they can experience tears and punctures as a result of impact. This can happen if the roof is hit hard by debris during a storm or if someone was on your roof doing work and their weight caused the damage (another reason why you should only let roofing professionals onto your roof). Tears and punctures are small places where water slowly accumulates, causing damage over time.


  • Securing poorly installed roof elements – Blow-offs occur when components of your metal roof blow off as a result of high winds. This typically only happens as a result of a poor installation job. For example, poorly installed flashing can leave the roof vulnerable to open seams and gaps that can cause parts of the roof to blow off. Basic repair work can help secure poorly installed elements of your roof.


  • Fixing loose seams – Metal expands and contracts to depend on the temperature. In some cases, this can cause the screws in your metal roof to loosen and the seams to separate. With even the slightest separation, the underlying structure of your roof is vulnerable to the buildup of water.


These are some of the common repairs that are made to metal roofs. If you want information about getting a metal roof installed on your North Port, FL, home or need to schedule a metal roof repair service, then be sure to contact us at Mark Kaufman Roofing today.

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