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Metal Roof Colors - Something for Everyone

Metal Roof Colors – Something for Everyone

Metal Roof Colors - Something for Everyone

A metal roof is a great investment for your residence or business.  There are many great manufacturers with high quality products available to Florida  Begin by searching for an experienced roofing contractor that offers quality products – with a great selection of colors.

Metal roofing offers more vibrant colors than asphalt shingles – and a greater variety of colors than tile roofing.  Certain colors were designed to particularly work well for the majority of people; let’s take a look at some of those offered:

Some Common Metal Roof Colors:

    • Green (various shades) – Green metal roofing is available in light and dark shades.  The most popular is mid-tone: sophisticated and understated.


    • Vibrant Blue – Blue is a beautiful, intense shade that is somehow maintains a status as both modern and classic.  It offers a refreshing change to the earth tones and reds that are often seen on roofs.


    • Apple Red – a dark hue with a bright side dominates this color; many good apples in the shade of trees have a similar quality of luminosity. It is bold and crisp, causing your building to stand out.


  • Gunmetal Gray – A shade of gray metal that is on the lighter side of the hue spectrum.  It is extremely visually appealing, and offers a subtle, sleek effect.

Some of the benefits of higher quality metal roofs in Venice, Florida are geared towards saving you money as well as making your home more weather resistant. High-quality metal roofing is extremely weather resistant and durable (will take on seasonal changes with reliability). Your insurance rates may be lowered with certain types of metal roofing, due to its fire and wind resistance ratings.

To learn more about metal roofing colors and types that will suit your home, contact Mark Kaufman Roofing, serving Venice and the surrounding area.

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