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Ways to Make Your Home Value Soar

Ways to Make Your Home Value Soar

 Ways to Make Your Home Value Soar

Almost everybody loves those self-help quizzes, so here is a simple one: what is the one weather issue Sarasota homeowners think of first? The heat, of course. Cutting down on your home’s central air conditioning bill would actually add value to your home at resale time. At Mark Kaufman Roofing, one of the best Sarasota roofers, we know two great ways to reduce the cooling load in your home: attic insulation and metal roofing.

Attic Insulation

The federal Energy Star program has a lovely insulation map that shows how Sarasota homeowners will save money with R30 to R60 attic insulation. If your home already has attic insulation, adding R25 to R38 is cost effective, since you lower cooling costs more than the cost of the additional insulation.
Mark Kaufman Roofing, among the best of Sarasota roofers, can not only handle your roofing needs, we install attic insulation, as well.

Metal Roofing

Highly reflective metal roofing can push back infrared heat before it conducts into your attic and down into your living space. Combined with attic insulation, metal roofing gives you what the Energy Star experts call “cool roofing,” which drives down your cooling costs even more.

By choosing either a metal roof, or highly reflective “cool roofing” shingles from Owens Corning, installed by Sarasota roofers of the caliber of Mark Kaufman Roofing, you can lower the monthly energy bill, lighten the load on your central air conditioner, and help protect Florida’s environment. You also boost the curb appeal and home value of your Sarasota house.

Other Great Ideas

Even if you opt against the durability and high value of a metal roof, simply getting your home’s roof replaced is a great way to add resale value. In the 2017 Cost Versus Value report from the experts at Remodeling, a new roof in our area may cost you $19,417 but will return an added value at resale of $13,456, capturing back 69.3 percent of your investment. That puts it in Remodeling’s Top Ten of projects that boost home value.

What is #1 in Remodeling’s list? Attic insulation. It typically costs $1,321 but returns $1,629 in resale value, for a whopping 123.3 percent return on investment.

When you are ready to add value to your Sarasota home, call Mark Kaufman Roofing, one of the best Sarasota roofers, at (941) 426-5241 or contact us online today!

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