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Make Sure Your Roofer has These 3 Values

Make Sure Your Roofer has These 3 Values

Make Sure Your Roofer has These 3 Values

With roofing contractors, North Port residential homeowners expect a level of trust, quality, and experience that ensures a good job. Selecting a residential roofer from the many local companies is as much about a good fit, personally, as it is about a portfolio of completed work. Make sure you evaluate prospective roofers for these three values: trust, quality, and experience.


Never trust a roofer without a local address. “Storm chasers” and shady operators swoop in, attempt to get homeowners’ money and then deliver either a shoddy job or no job at all.

Trust a local roofer with deep roots in the community, like Mark Kaufman Roofers. We have a local address and years of experience working on your neighbors’ houses. Based in North Port, our trustworthy service area extends to the entire Suncoast region.

We extend trust to you, too. You need not pay for our roofing services until the job is complete to your satisfaction.


North Port property owners value quality when it comes to choosing a roofing contractor. With Mark Kaufman Roofing, for example, we strive for the highest quality installation with every job. We use the best quality materials, and trust our highly trained installers to show quality work with every shingle, tile or metal panel.

We hire high high-quality employees, screening against drugs and performing background checks. We use the most modern, highest quality equipment to ensure a thorough, uniformly good job. We encourage our employees to attend continuing education programs to bring the latest methods to our customers’ projects.


Some roofers seem to have fallen into the profession by accident. They were siding contractors and somebody asked them to do a roof. They were satellite dish installers and got talked into re-roofing a shingled home. These are not the experiences with roofing contractors that North Port residents want or need. When you compare three or more prospective roofing bids on your home, ask about experience.
Mark Kaufman Roofing, for example, dates back to 1988, with Mark himself having roofing experience since 1977. Nearly 30 years of local, dependable roofing work means you can trust Mark Kaufman Roofing to have encountered just about every roofing challenge there is.

One of the best roofing contractors North Port property owners can select is Mark Kaufman Roofing. Contact us today to learn all the ways we live up to the highest standards in residential roofing.

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