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How Long Should You Expect Your Roof To Last?

How Long Should You Expect Your Roof To Last?

How Long Should You Expect Your Roof To Last?

You love your Florida home. But you don’t trust it; how long will the roof last, anyway? You are right to be suspicious. Roofs can fool you, so let’s answer the question: how long does the average roof last? 


Composition asphalt shingles are North America’s #1 residential roofing material. Why? They are economical to install and hold up reasonably well. The typical shingle roof today can last between 20 and 30 years. 

Though many manufacturers offer “lifetime” warranties, these are written with small caveats, such as limited transferability if you sell your home. Getting two decades of solid service from a shingle roof is great; anything beyond should be considered a bonus. 


The secret to a long-lasting metal roof is not the metal. It is the finish, which protects the underlying metal from corrosion, rust, pitting, crazing, and all sorts of weather-related evils. 

Metal roofs, properly installed and carefully maintained, can last 50 years and longer. Weak spots in a metal roof are far fewer than in a shingle roof, because most metal roofs use large panels for fewer fasteners and seams. 

A good metal roof will retain its beauty, color, luster and weather resistance for longer than most Floridians own their houses. A metal roof is truly a family legacy, if the roof is well maintained. 


The longest-lasting residential roofing material is tile. Whether concrete or ceramic, tile can last a century or more. With proper care and correct maintenance, your Florida home’s tile roof truly can last a lifetime. 

Tile is brittle, admittedly. It will not withstand blunt impacts from tree limbs or misguided workers’ boots. Stay off any residential roof, of course, but absolutely never tread on your tile roof. 

That said, a good residential roofer experienced with working on tile roofs can help you, year after year, to preserve and protect your tile roof.

Tiles are unitized, so damage can be limited to only one or two tiles, easily replaced by an experienced roofer.  


For all the talk of roof longevity, it can all be undone by neglecting your roof. Work with your residential roofer to prolong your roof’s lifespan with annual inspection and maintenance. 

Whether you are considering a replacement roof in shingles, metal, or tiles, Mark Kaufman Roofing is the company to call. Contact us today so we can help you with planning, selection, and scheduling your new roof. 

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