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6 Things You Need To Know About Solar Vents

6 Things You Need To Know About Solar Vents

6 Things You Need To Know About Solar Vents

A solar roof vent can help you cut energy bills by as much as 30 percent. These cost-effective, environmentally-friendly fixtures are a smart way to keep the attic temperatures at optimal levels. And since they’re solar-powered, they utilize free energy helping you save money all year round.

How Solar Vents Work

No matter the size of your attic space, airflow is essential during hot and cold times of the year. Even in winter, heat rises and fills your attics, causing roof surfaces to heat up. The warmer roof will melt snow and cause it to form ice dams. This is bad for your roof and can lead to leaks.

A properly ventilated attic prevents the dreaded heat buildup. Another problem with over-heated attics is high energy bills. When your attic gets too hot, it triggers air cooling systems to run more than they should, leading to higher utility bills.

Roof vents work by pushing hot air out of your attic, lowering both the temperature and relative humidity in your attic space. Running a solar-powered roof vent instead of passive air vents circulates the air more efficiently, which helps cool your entire home during hot weather. It also helps to prevent problems associated with humid air buildups, such as mold and rot.

Benefits of Solar Vents to Your Home

Solar-powered roof vents have many advantages. First, they run all year-round since they’re powered by sunlight. They help keep the attic temperature low, meaning your air conditioner won’t get overworked trying to cool your home during hot seasons.

A cooler attic also promotes the health of your shingles and extends their life span. In fact, one of the major advantages of solar-powered roof vents is that the moisture in your attic space won’t increase to the point of damaging wood or other interior construction components.

The Cost of Solar Vents

Solar vents are typically expensive, however they offer numerous advantages. This cost-effectiveness often outweighs the cost of the installation in the long run.

Various solar roof vents have different prices depending on the quality and performance. Generally, you should look out for the following features that make all the difference in the pricing:

  • Do they have a fan blade? This will significantly help improve air extraction
  • What’s the product diameter – for domestic homes, the diameter should range from 250-350mm 
  • Quality of motors and solar panels – More often, budget solar vents come with poor quality motors and solar panels, leading to poor performance. Always stick with high-quality solar vents.

How Long Solar Roof Vents Last

Like with every product, long-lasting solar vents will come with a longer warranty period. It’s an indication that the manufacturer has trust in the product and can put it in writing the product will serve you for a guaranteed period without developing problems. While it’s standard to provide 10-15 years warranty on solar panels, be sure to read the fine print. Most warranties will exclude certain components or offer lesser warranties for them. For example, with some solar vents, you can get a 1-3 year warranty on the motor.

How Solar Vents Compare to Regular Roof Vents

Most solar vents operate exactly like regular vents, but instead of being powered by the wind, they generate energy from the sun. A regular wind-driven vent will not operate on a hot, still summer day. A solar vent will work all year round.

One thing has proven to be quite annoying with traditional vents is the noise they emit. Other than being less noisy, a solar-powered roof vent offers better efficiency than a standard, wind-powered vent. Additionally, they carry better airflow capacity, making them more effective in ventilating homes. Just make sure to have a professional install your solar vent. Incorrect placement can almost negate the vent’s ability to get rid of warm, moist air from the attic space.

Cool Your Attic with Solar Power!

Rather than letting the scorching summer sun heat your attic, you can harness the sun’s energy to help cool your attic space. Solar roof vents can help to cool your attic without incurring huge electricity costs or installing invasive ducts. Consider working with Mark Kaufman Roofing in North Port, FL to help you add a solar roof vent to your home and experience how cool your attic can be. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation estimate.

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