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Best Steps for Filing an Insurance Claim after a Storm

Best Steps for Filing an Insurance Claim after a Storm


Best Steps for Filing an Insurance Claim after a Storm

If your roof gets damaged in a storm, you’ll need to file a claim under your homeowner’s insurance policy to get reimbursed for necessary roof repairs and related expenses. Learning how to navigate the claims process in advance can make the experience less stressful, and help get your claim settled and your roof restored as quickly as possible. Here are the best steps to follow after a storm damages your roof:

Make a Visual Record of the Damage

Don’t attempt to climb up on your roof, but if possible, take photos of damaged areas from ground level, and up in the attic. Having photos can help establish when the damage occurred and document your roof’s condition before any emergency/temporary repairs are made.

Call Your Insurance Company

Contact your insurance company as soon as you discover the damage to notify them of the incident and find out their requirements for filing a claim. Ask if you can file online to help speed up the claim process. The company should also schedule a time to have their adjuster visit to assess the damage.

Contact Your Roofer

If you’ve had roof repairs or a replacement done recently, you may already know a dependable roofing contractor who you can contact for help. A pro should inspect the roof thoroughly, document any damage they find and give you a detailed repair estimate. If you need to find a roofer, choose one who’s fully licensed and insured, has positive reviews and certifications from leading manufacturers like Owens Corning.

Limit Further Damage

Your homeowner’s insurance policy includes a clause about “duties after loss” that states you must take measures to prevent further harm to your home, such as having your damaged roof tarped to keep water out. To comply, have your roofer take any appropriate measures and provide documentation that you can file along with your insurance claim.

Contact Your Mortgage Lender

If you have a lender listed on your insurance policy, any settlement check you receive will be in both names, so you’ll need to get it endorsed before you can use it to pay for roof repairs. Contacting your mortgage lender and requesting a claim packet now can allow you to submit checks for endorsement as soon as they’re received from your insurer.

For more advice about filing a damage claim for roof repairs to your North Port home, contact us at Mark Kaufman Roofing.

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