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Insulation Information from a Sarasota Roofer

Insulation Information

All homeowners should be informed about the insulation in their house.  Whether it is the insulation in the walls or the attic, making sure it is up to date is vital.

The following is some key insulation information:

1) Money

Insulating-save 20% on your annual energy bills


Up to half of all energy used in the average home is for heat & hot water.

Which is why cutting down the amount of energy you use is good for your carbon footprint.

3)Stay Cool

Insulating your house helps keep warmth in, but also helps stay cool in the summer if you are using A/C.

4)Looking After Your Investment

Your home is your biggest investment.  By making sure it’s properly insulated, you can dramatically increase the value of your property.

5)Noise Elimination

Keeps noise out.

6)Feel Better

If you suffer from allergies, using natural methods to regulate temperature in your home can prevent the growth of certain allergens such as microbes and spores.


So check out your insulation, FPL suggests if your insulation is below 5 inches you need to add more.

Atticat installation


Mark Kaufman Roofing carries the complete AttiCat Blown-In Insulation System to insulate attics quickly and with no mess.  AttiCat Loosefill Insulation doesn’t settle, maintaining its R-value so it helps keep the cool inside for many summers to come.

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