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Add That Crowning Touch to Your Home – Install a Tile Roof

tile_roof_replacement2Throughout history, tile roofs have been used to cover many of the most common and most magnificent historical structures. From the simple, sun-baked clay tiles used on Roman homes in antiquity to the high-tech amalgams used on many contemporary houses in modern day Florida, tile roofs have been the premier choice of designers and architects in all parts of the world.

Here are just three of the reasons why:


  • Their Distinctive “Look” – While many people will recognize the undulating look of the roofs on Spanish style haciendas and the austere, sleek design of the roofs of Tudor-style homes, most do not realize that these distinctive looks are the result of a tile roof. While these two roofs have little in common stylistically, they do share a common bond – they are both made of tile. As such, they connote a sense of elegance, permanence and taste.


  • Nothing Lasts Like Tile – The lasting durability of tile roofs is admirably demonstrated by its continued presence on some of the oldest structures around. On a more recent note, modern tile roofs are engineered to last for decades at least and for a century or more in some cases. In short, that means that a tile roof will generally outlast the building they are designed to protect, a fact that makes them the predominant roofing choice for all homes outside of the United States.


  • They Are A Great Investment – Yes, a tile roof can cost more to install but when looked at from a return-on-investment perspective, they are often the least expensive choice in the long run. First, the durability of tile roofs makes them the best long-term choice as there are almost no maintenance costs and they will probably never have to be replaced. Secondly, they are excellent insulators and will reduce the heating and cooling bills for any home they cover. Lastly, they often add more to the resale value of a home than they cost.

A Final Thought – A tile roof may not be for everyone but they do make a valuable addition to any home – not just the most expensive. If you are looking to differentiate your home from the rest in the neighborhood, consider a tile roof. You will not be sorry.

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