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Increase Shingle Rood Lifespan With Minor Repair

Increase Shingle Roof Lifespan With Minor Repairs

Increase Shingle Rood Lifespan With Minor Repair

Shingle roofs are built to last for several years or even a few decades, but their lifespan can be shorter if they have serious damage. While you can’t prevent all types of severe and sudden damage, there are steps you can take to keep your shingle roof in good condition for as long as possible. Find out more about how preventative maintenance and minor repairs can extend your roof’s lifespan.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance on roofs often involves clearing off debris, doing an inspection and handling minor repairs. Roof inspections help identify minor damage that needs to be addressed since these problems could end up causing a leaky roof or other serious issues. Leaving minor damage alone can result in more severe damage that can shorten your roof’s lifespan.

Minor Shingle Roof Repairs

Minor shingle roof repairs can be difficult for homeowners to detect. Having a professional roofer inspect your roof on a routine basis helps ensure that these problems are caught early. Some of the minor repairs that can lead to a longer lifespan for shingle roofs include replacing missing shingles and repairing buckled or cracked shingles. Shingles can become loose and fall off or be blown off during storms. They can also become buckled or damaged over time.

Shingle Roof Problems

Having gaps in your roof due to missing shingles leaves your home more vulnerable to water damage. These gaps can lead to a roof leak that damages your home’s interior. Damaged shingles, such as those with cracks or those that are buckled can also put your home at risk of moisture damage. Shingles need to be in good condition in order to be able to do their job of keeping water out of your home. Having shingles repaired or replaced, even if it’s only one or two shingles at a time, can go a long way toward ensuring that your roof has an increased lifespan.

Keep in mind that preventative roof maintenance typically involves doing minor repairs to other parts of your roofing system, such as the flashing. This also protects your shingle roof overall and reduces the risk of serious damage, which helps it last longer.

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