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Incorporating Natural Elements Into Your Home's Exterior

Incorporating Natural Elements Into Your Home’s Exterior

Incorporating Natural Elements Into Your Home's Exterior

Natural Elements for Your Home

When it comes to home exterior and landscaping, bold and colorful finishes are being overtaken by people wanting a subtle, natural look for their Venice home. This effect is simple to achieve with a little planning, and affords a great deal of flexibility when organizing regular care. The largest fixture on your property – your home – will have the greatest impact on the overall aesthetic.

Natural Siding

Choosing the right siding is a great way to impart a natural look. Stone is ever popular, durable, and stunning. Available in an endless array of styles and colors, stone home really make an impression. Other options for siding that melt into the right natural landscaping are brick and wood, and both have the ability to be highly customized to meet your vision.

Patios, Outbuildings, and Walkways

Carry those same materials to other parts of your property, to patios, outbuildings and driveways as well as smaller walkways, paths, and garden edging. Natural building materials give an earthy feel and are a great base for other accents.

Natural Entegra Roof Tiles

Another large portion of your home’s aesthetic style is its roof. Our green roofing systems with Entegra tiles are fully customizable in many colors and finishes, so you can top your home perfectly. In addition to having just the right appearance, Entegra tiles are durable, low maintenance, and add energy efficiency to your Florida home.

entegra is natural and beautifulDetails are Important

Once you have the large pieces in place as your canvas, you can get creative with the rest. Landscaping, furniture, accents – these are the brushstrokes that will make your property shine. To compliment the earthy natural look you are striving for, add pieces with soft lines and organic shapes. Hard geometric lines will look out of place here. Consider your color scheme just as carefully, greens, browns, tans and neutral or warm greys, paired with muted colors will set the perfect scene.

When choosing green life for your natural landscape, choose plants that are native to your area and plant in a less planned, slightly wild manner. You might try adding a vertical garden to your home, to help it melt into your natural vista.


Always choose high quality products -they not only last longer and need less maintenance, they are also often greener.

If you have any questions about Entegra tiles or are considering roofing upgrades in the Venice, FL area, place contact Mark Kaufman Roofing today.

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