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10 Steps for Hurricane Preparation

10 Steps for Hurricane Preparation


Florida is known for its beautiful sunny skies, providing vacationers and residents alike with beautiful weather for outdoor activities. Of course, in a moment those same inviting skies can change to dark grey and reveal the onset of a storm. As Sarasota’s preeminent roofing company, Mark Kaufman Roofing can attest to the fact that having wind resistant roofing and knowing how to prepare can relieve you from worries when the next big storm hits. We would like to share a few tips about keeping yourself and your family safe when faced with the next big hurricane.

10 Steps to Prepare for a Hurricane

  1. Emergency kit – Put together an emergency kit with supplies, medications, water, and food to last three days.
  2. Family communication plan – review this plan consistently, so all family members know where to meet if they become separated.
  3. Know your surroundings — know your home’s elevation above sea level, and how susceptible you are to storm surges or tidal flooding.
  4. Memorize evacuation routes— Do not be dependent on GPS signal or cell phone service to help you leave safely. Have alternate routes planned, in case a road is impassable.
  5. Cover all windows – Damage may be inevitable, but you can try to minimize the effects on your home.
  6. Roof straps or clips – Contact a roofing professional to learn how to make your existing roof more wind resistant through the use of straps or clips.
  7. Landscape Check – Keep landscaping trimmed to minimize potential debris. Also, pay special attention to the trees on your property; in the event of high winds, they could damage or destroy your home
  8. Gutters and Downspouts – Clean debris from them frequently; if clogged, they will be unable to efficiently move rainwater water away from the foundations of your home.
  9. Garage doors – Reinforce your garage doors so that wind cannot enter through the garage and cause roof uplift; this helps reinforce your building’s wind resistant roofing.
  10. Secure the Lawn – Have a plan to gather up outdoor decorations, lawn furniture, and garbage cans to secure them from high winds to protect your own home as well as that of your next-door neighbor!


Wind Resistant Roofing

10 Steps for Hurricane Preparation A major area of hurricane damage is caused by wind uplift, which happens when strong lateral winds get in under your home’s roof and tear it off, usually in pieces. Mark Kaufman Roofing can help with:

  • Wind resistant roofing – available in several attractive styles and finishes, they can withstand 140 and 150 mph winds
  • Wind mitigation certification – to lower your insurance costs!


Our roofing experts can analyze your existing roof and assess its covering, shape, deck attachment, and connections to your home’s walls. We can install a secondary water barrier, as prevention in the event that your main roof covering is damaged. By providing valuable assistance in storm damage prevention, Mark Kaufman Roofing will help give you peace of mind for when the winds strike next.

Contact Mark Kaufman Roofing today to learn more about having wind resistant roofing installed on your Sarasota home.


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