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How to Save Money on a New Tile Roof

How to Save Money on a New Tile Roof

How to Save Money on a New Tile Roof

When considering a new tile roof installation, most homeowners look for durability, efficiency and beauty. Also: cost-efficiency.

To best protect your home investments and loved ones from Florida weather, here are a few facts to help you with long-term savings on your next tile roof installation:

Installation Costs – Quality Materials

Tile roofs have a well-earned reputation for resisting harsh elements and lasting decades. In fact, professionally installed and well-maintained tile roofs often last longer than the structures they protect.

With these facts in mind, it makes sense that the first cost of installation for your new tile roof generally accounts for the lion’s share of your investment.

Find the balance between affordable tiles and a high quality roof with lower lifetime costs.

Installation Costs – Roofing Contractors

The roofing contractor you choose plays a major role in the cost savings of a roof installation.  With quality workmanship, you receive a properly-installed system with greater weather resistance.  Most trusted contractors will also include a form of “workmanship warranty” that guarantees the quality of their workmanship.

There are so many decisions and elements involving a new roof, you want to have an experienced company that stands by their work and reputation by delivering expert installation, maintenance and service.

Lifetime Costs – Installation, Maintenance and Warranties

The lifetime costs of your new roof is the sum of the estimated costs for materials, labor, maintenance, repairs and energy savings. Here are some areas of long-term savings:

Energy-efficiency: tile roofing materials are going to help you save energy in your home with lower heat/gain loss compared to inferior roofing materials.

Maintenance: Any roofing system that is well maintained will naturally last much longer than roofing systems that are allowed to deteriorate at a more rapid pace.

Warranty: Tile roofing can be a relatively expensive investment.  Ensuring that your roof comes with a manufacturer’s warranty will protect you in the unlikely event that the tiles are weakened because of manufacturing defect.  Always be sure to read the fine print of your warranty to know what exactly you are covered for.

At Mark Kaufman Roofing, we strive to provide exceptional service one customer at a time, whether a new tile roof, annual maintenance or emergency repairs. For answers to your tile roofing questions, please feel free to contact us today.

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