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How to Prioritize Storm Damage

How to Prioritize Storm Damage

How to Prioritize Storm Damage

When your home is damaged during a storm, it can be difficult to know where to start with repairs. Here’s are some tips on how to best prioritize storm damage repairs:

Always Put Safety First

You may be anxious to find out the extent of any damage to your home from a storm, but it’s vital to make safety your top priority. Don’t go outside until the storm has ended, and be wary of downed power lines, broken glass and other possible hazards on your property when you do venture out. If you suspect that your home’s roof is damaged, don’t attempt to climb up to investigate on your own.

Tackle Temporary Repairs

Taking care of temporary repairs immediately after a storm can help limit any further damage to your home, and it’s likely required by your homeowner’s insurance. If there’s a hole in your roof and rainwater is leaking into the attic and interior, call a trusted roofer who can tarp the damaged areas or take other necessary steps to keep water out. If there are broken windows, hire a contractor to put up plywood or another sturdy covering to stop wind and rain from entering your home.

Get Your Roof Repaired or Replaced

Once you’ve filed an insurance claim, your insurance company has sent out their adjuster, and you’ve got an accurate estimate, you can contact your roofer to plan your roof repairs or replacement as soon as their schedule allows.

Make Needed Repairs To Keep Your Home Secure

If a storm has caused damage to your home’s exterior that might compromise your family’s safety and security, get these repairs done as quickly as possible after your insurance adjuster visits. These types of repairs might include replacing a shattered exterior door, fixing a badly dented garage door, replacing cracked/broken windows or installing new exterior light fixtures.

Fix Minor and Cosmetic Damage

Minor issues like a few areas of damaged siding, dented gutters or bent window screens that don’t directly affect the safety and security of your home can come last on your list of repair priorities. While it’s important to get such issues taken care of to preserve your home’s value, these kinds of fixes can be made once other, more urgent repairs have been completed.

If your North Port home has sustained damage from a storm, contact us at Mark Kaufman Roofing to schedule skilled roof repairs.

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